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IMAG0744I have a little two-pound chihuahua who will be 13 years old in May 2018. She is a little bugger with white fur and a few brown spots, most notably is the spot that looks like an upside down heart on her back. She is a feisty little thing who apparently has small dog syndrome because she thinks she is a pit bull.  She takes on other dogs no matter how large they are.  This the reason I rarely take her out of the house. It is also the reason I had to make a tiny little muzzle for her.  For some reason, people see her and think she is so cute and little that they have to pet her, but I never know when her bad side is going to come out, so better safe than sorry. I have to admit we get some crazy looks from people when they go to pet her and then see the muzzle, they pull their hand back in midair and say what? That is when I have to go into my speech that I never know who she is going to like or not, so it is for your own protection, which is kind of sad, but true.

Sadly though, about three months ago I realized she had in a very short time gone completely blind. Her eyes that used to glow red in a certain light now look like white clouded over circles. I jokingly say she has become a zombie, as she has no teeth and now has these zombie’s eyes. It is kind of creepy. She seems to be doing well though. I had someone ask if I was going to put her down because of her blindness and I said no because I was going to wait and see how she got along, if she was able to adapt, and if she still had a good quality of life. The thing is, she is actually doing quite well. What helps is we have lived in the same house for the past almost 13 years, so she basically grew up here. The first couple of weeks were rough. She walked until she ran into something, bounces off and then goes a different direction until she ran into something else, and off she would go. As long as no doors are open that she isn’t used to she can make from the bedroom to the kitchen and back fairly well. I have thought about getting her a helmet as she really does hit hard sometimes, but I really think she would spend more time trying to get the helmet off than doing anything else. She has her path and as long as it is free of any obstacles she is fine.

What still bugs me though is her eyes. I guess I have seen too many zombie movies, but I really think she looks like a zombie dog. The writer in me keeps trying to figure out how to fit her into a story. She could be a zombie hunter, who can sniff out others like herself. She could also be an evil dog that bites people’s ankles and turns them into zombies. Maybe they ought to use her on the Walking Dead as one of the character’s dogs, or even the show Freakish, she really would make a very interesting new character. Just think about it, here is this little two-pound miniature dog who growls at everything, thinks she is 100 pounds, hangs off pit bull neck skin swinging back and forth, then add the zombie eyes to the mix, and there you go. She would probably be one of the most interesting characters on TV right now. She would then try to melt hearts by sitting all prim and proper with her front little paws crossed looking really pitiful to where she can get whatever she wants. I wonder if she is smarter than we think and is just playing us all with her pitiful self to get all the attention she can grab. Hmmm, I bet she is currently thinking of ways to make me feel bad so I will give her a snack… Little smarty butt… Until next time…


There is this new TV show on cable called Doomsday Preppers.  It focuses on people who are preparing for the worst to come whether it be collapse of our economy, the big earthquake, running out of oil/gas, or whatever else they think is going to happen. I rather agree with some of their ideas i.e. storing food for so many days, keeping supplies of everything you need in case you lose power or any other catastrophe that could happen in our lives. I have thought about for a long time how we needed to stockpile food, water, get a couple of guns and other items that would be in short demand if anything happens. We live in a fairly large city right on a major highway, so we would be easy targets if people decided to riot, pillage or steal. I currently do not keep a gun in the house, but if a certain president gets 4 more years it looks like the 2nd Amendment might get squashed and better get guns and ammo before it is too late.

I admit I am not much into conspiracy theories, but at times you really have to wonder. I still wonder about the Kennedy assassination. Oswald probably did it by himself, but of course the only person who really knows was conveniently taken out before the truth came out. I am sure if we truly knew what was going on with our government we would all be trying to live off the grid, going into hiding, and preparing for the worst. Sometimes ignorance is bliss. The problem with the people on the show is some of them are truly fanatics. You know the type that see Big Brother behind every corner. The one couple has enough food stored for 2 people for 20 years. That is a lot of food. I do feel that we could all learn something from these people, but also think you have to take truly look at your own situation and do what is right for you and your family.

The experts on the show did bring up an interesting fact that a large percentage of people feel they need to invest in prepping themselves for hard times instead of putting money into a retirement plan. I actually think that makes sense. I mean if you pay off your house, put in alternative sources of power so you don’t have to pay utilities and then start storing food and other items you would need, you really are better off than if you have a lump sum sitting in a 401K that is at the mercy of a fluctuating economy. If you have next to no bills you can live on next to nothing and live well. Just a though. Till next time…

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