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I see it has been a while since my last post.  I do mean well though.  I think about posting, as there isn’t a day that goes by that there isn’t something to write about.  I mean the presidential election this year is going to be very interesting. Currently, I know who I’m not voting for, but have no idea who I am going to vote for.  I am looking strongly at the Libertarian candidate, as I consider myself an independent.  I vote for the person and the type of job I feel they will do, not what party they are.  The problem is that there really isn’t much difference between the Republicans and the Democrats to a point.  They say different things, but when it comes time to take action, you normally end up with the same thing.   Lies, broken promises, and wondering what has happened to our great country, the USA.  No matter how bad things look over here though, you would be hard pressed to find a country that is better to live in.  We still have freedom of speech, freedom to worship or not worship as we please, decide who to marry and how many children we want, and a whole host of other freedoms.  There are certain countries where if you said one bad word against the president or leader you would be killed or thrown in a locked cell never to be seen again.  If you were in their country illegally you sure wouldn’t be able to protest on the streets talking about what rights you should have.  First off, you probably wouldn’t want anyone to know you are there illegally and the minute they find out you of course will be either deported, jailed, or killed in the streets.   But, that wasn’t where I was going with this post…

You could also talk about the police shootings, racial tensions, all the acts of violence that are happening not only here but around the world, but that isn’t what I want to talk about.  I guess what is really bugging me right now is Facebook and social media.  I guess social media in general just has me baffled.  The other day I was told I was too dumb for words by a person I barely knew.  Don’t even think she was one of my friends, but I blocked her anyway.  All I had done was post a meme about gun control, which she took completely out of context and there you go.

I then had a Pastor who I have known for years up and block me because I didn’t agree with his politics.  First of all, why is a pastor telling me how to vote?  Not suggesting or saying the pros and cons of the situation, but that we have to have Hillary as president, Obama was the best president we have every had and Michelle Obama was a better first lady than even Jackie Kennedy… That last part really upset me.  But, what we got the most crossways over was how he felt like he could post all types of memes about how all white people are racist, we hate Obama because he is black, and other let’s hate all whites sort of items.  If you haven’t guessed it yet, he is a black pastor, of whom I was part of his church for a long time.  I told him first off I don’t hate Obama, I just don’t like his politics and what he has done for America.  I also try very hard to not see color, but after having all this race rhetoric thrown at me, it makes it very hard not to.  I guess when he posted for all to see that my husband had become loony and needed to get back on his meds just because he didn’t agree with the pastor, I finally had to tell him like it was.  Of course, we are both now blocked from his page, which is probably best.

The problem with social media is that for some reason people will say anything they want to you and about you because you are not face to face.  They can hide behind their computer screen, say anything they want, and then when things get too heated they can either block you, erase the posts, or just sign off.  I couldn’t imagine being a young person now, as I remember getting bullied and made fun of in school, but once you got home you could forget about it.  They didn’t have an easy way to communicate with you, and that was that.  Today, you can’t get away from them.  The bullies find you on social media and then harass you.  If you block them they will make a different screen name, get you to become friends, and then turn on you that way.  Someone can take a picture of you in a compromising situation and then blast it to everyone through texts or messenger.  It is just mind blowing.  I have told several people that if it wasn’t for wanting to keep up with my kids and friends, I would just close my Facebook account, but then I would lose out on my ability to communicate with them, and that would mean the bullies would win, and that is not an option.  I have come to the point where I try to post only cute and funny things so I don’t have to worry about the backlash… You know, pick your battles sort of thing.

But all that aside, my main focus right now is to finally start focusing on writing fiction.  I know I have been talking about this for a while, at least 3 years, but this year I turn a speed limit on August 1, you know the speed no one can drive?  55….  So, it is time to either start writing or move on to something else… Is there something in your life you have wanted to do, but just haven’t started or gave up on it?  Maybe it is time you take inventory of what you really want to do in this life before it is too late… As life does seem to go faster the older you get and before you know it you’re at the end…. Till next time….


It is now the day after the big election. I was hoping we would have a new president, but no… The Obama has made another term. I was very upset when I first heard. I contemplated buying a silo or something in the middle of Kansas or buying an isolated cabin up in the middle of the mountains somewhere and becoming a hermit, but then I started really thinking about the situation. I have to admit I didn’t like either candidate. I thought the Libertarian candidate was probably the better choice, as I feel that marijuana needs to be legalized in every state of the United States, well medical marijuana, and this is coming from someone who has never smoked the stuff. Once I calmed down and really started looking at the aftermath of the Big Election 2012, maybe we are better with the evil we know than the evil we don’t. We have no idea what type of president Romney would have been. He might have been worse than Obama, which I just can’t image that one, but it is possible. We at least know what to expect from Obama… the awful, unconstitutional bit of legislation called Obamacare, the United States apologizing for defending our country and our troops, and other fun stuff like that, but at least we know to expect all this stuff from him. It isn’t like we are going into the next four years blind, which maybe that is a good thing.

I just wish there had been better choices than what we had this year. I really don’t feel like our choices have been that great for several years now. I have to admit I really rather liked George W. Bush. He had his issues, but you normally could predict what he was going to do, and he truly loves this country. He really does care for the troops and military. He did what he thought was best to keep this a great nation, instead of the joke we have become under Obama. We used to be a country the rest of the world respected. When we said to do something or we are going to take care of the situation, the other country stepped back and rethought what they were going to do. We now have a president that apologizes for everything, and I mean everything. Oh you killed our people in Libya, well I am sorry we upset you. Give me a break, but at least we know that he is going to do this and we only have to put up with him for four more years, so at least that gives me some solace in the situation.

I guess my point to all of those who told me how great Obama is, was the fact that he is the most unpatriotic president we have ever had. He has not shown up to several military functions that every other president never missed since the events were put in place. He is the one who does everything in his power it seems to diminish how great the United States is. He admitted he hasn’t really done anything about the immigration issue and that is one reason he won most of the border state towns. They know if he is in for four more years they can keep coming over the border with no consequences, which is a problem. Do you remember a little war called the Civil War? The way we are going there is going to be another war in this country and it is going be an urban war, a war between classes, the have and have nots, the illegals versus us citizens who believe you should go through the process of being legal like our ancestors did. My great grandparents went through Ellis Island, let the government change the spelling of their last name, they learned the languages, they assimilated and didn’t expect everyone to learn their languages and cater to them, they loved being here and did what they could to be an asset, not a hindrance. It isn’t a race issue, if you are here illegally, you are an illegal! Whether you are from Mexico, Asia, Africa, wherever, if you aren’t here legally go home, get your paperwork in order, and then come back when you legally can. I get so tired of wondering when I moved to little Mexico. I tried to buy hair color earlier today and the packaging was in Spanish… goodness when did that happen and Obama isn’t doing a darn thing to fix it, and probably won’t as that is not on his agenda of things to get done. Right now his agenda is to make this a socialist state with government control of banking, health care, and anything else he thinks the government needs to take over, and then one day we are going to wake up under Marshall Law and there are going to be a lot of people telling the the rest of the Americans we told you so….. till next time….

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