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The first weekend of February 2018, my hubby and I went to Colorado Springs, happytowerCO, to meet some friends and do some sightseeing.  Of course, I found several local cemeteries to explore, but also had to look at the beautiful scenery in Colorado.  This was my first time to visit so made sure I had plenty of memory cards and jump drives to store my pics.

I am one of those people though who see faces in everything, i.e. rocks, jelly lids, dirt on the sidewalk, clouds, you name it, I can find a face in it.  The first thing I saw was an older person’s face in the top portion of this rock formation with a crooked smile.  Can you see it?  But, when I mentioned what I saw my husband had another idea.  He thought it looked like a rock penis.  I guess I can see it, but why was that the first thing he saw?  Is it a guy thing?  Is because it does have a phallic look to it?  I don’t know, but I saw it too after the fact.

My question is why do guys normally see things in a sexual way and girls see the opposite?  I guess there are probably a lot of ladies who saw the rock penis, but I would hope more than just me saw the happy face.  But, leave it to me to find a funky rock formation to take pictures of and then post it…  I’m curious though, please comment and let me know what you see!  Until next time.





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