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I admit it, every four years I just dread election year. This year though seems even worse than normal. I guess part of the problem this year is Facebook and other social media. It seems like I have friends on both sides of the spectrum and then some of these get quite upset when you do not feel the same as they do. I did not vote for Obama 4 years ago, and I am not going to vote for him this time either. I have no problem with posting pics, links, etc. that state my opinion of our president and the job he has been doing. The problem with this is other people also have opinions and are not afraid to express them either. The problem comes in when you are dealing with the internet and people are not afraid to go on the attack, as you are not talking directly to another person, but to an impersonal computer screen so you feel this power to say whatever you want. I mean what consequences are going to happen? They defriend you? They type something ugly back to you? They delete your comment? It just seems like people are so different over the internet than they are in public, as there is really no consequences or backlash that comes from what you type on the screen.

I do remember four years ago when I was in for a yearly mammogram and the technician was all upset over Obama and the election. The problem is she waits until she gets me stuck in the machine and then starts telling me all about it. I did agree with her, but even if I didn’t I wouldn’t have said anything, as I really wanted out of the machine. I mean I hate mammograms as it is, as they hurt, especially when you are well endowed and they have to try to squish the girls flat. Ouch!! I sure didn’t need the added problem of the tech going into a long, drawn out spew about how she disliked Obama, how he should not be elected, and what issues it would cause. Of course four year later she was right, but that really was not the time to let others know how she felt. Most people though in social situations avoid the big three topics… politics, religion and how much a person makes per year, but when it comes to the internet any topic is fair game. Don’t like certain religions, just post on Facebook, Twitter, whatever and say whatever you feel. Don’t like the way a certain person looks or acts, post their pic and talk all about them. It really is crazy, but I think I got off chasing rabbits here and need to get back to the subject at hand – election year.

I guess my main problem with election year is the fact that all the parties can take the same subject and twist it into their agenda or plans. It is kind of like religion. There are all type of denominations and they all can use the same scripture, but have a different meaning depending on their agenda. The same thing applies to politics. Whether it be taxes, jobs, etc., they can all take the same statistics and make it look bad for their opponent or good for themselves. It is called let’s see what way we can spin the facts to work in our favor, and the ones who suffer from all this spinning is the American people, who have to suffer through the TV ads, debates, etc. until the election is finally over and then the fun begins.

I do think what upsets me the most is those people on Facebook who cannot handle other people’s opinions. I posted the below picture and got cussed at from someone who I didn’t think even used those type of words. I did add that Obama was one of the most unpatriotic presidents we have ever had, but really now.  Like I posted back to her, if you can’t handle the posts about politics, then maybe you need to stay off of Facebook until the election is over, because there is no way to get away from all the pictures, jokes, etc. that are being posted from all sides and you either ignore them, make your comments about it, or just take a hiatus from social media. Till next time….

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