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I see it has been a while since my last post.  I do mean well though.  I think about posting, as there isn’t a day that goes by that there isn’t something to write about.  I mean the presidential election this year is going to be very interesting. Currently, I know who I’m not voting for, but have no idea who I am going to vote for.  I am looking strongly at the Libertarian candidate, as I consider myself an independent.  I vote for the person and the type of job I feel they will do, not what party they are.  The problem is that there really isn’t much difference between the Republicans and the Democrats to a point.  They say different things, but when it comes time to take action, you normally end up with the same thing.   Lies, broken promises, and wondering what has happened to our great country, the USA.  No matter how bad things look over here though, you would be hard pressed to find a country that is better to live in.  We still have freedom of speech, freedom to worship or not worship as we please, decide who to marry and how many children we want, and a whole host of other freedoms.  There are certain countries where if you said one bad word against the president or leader you would be killed or thrown in a locked cell never to be seen again.  If you were in their country illegally you sure wouldn’t be able to protest on the streets talking about what rights you should have.  First off, you probably wouldn’t want anyone to know you are there illegally and the minute they find out you of course will be either deported, jailed, or killed in the streets.   But, that wasn’t where I was going with this post…

You could also talk about the police shootings, racial tensions, all the acts of violence that are happening not only here but around the world, but that isn’t what I want to talk about.  I guess what is really bugging me right now is Facebook and social media.  I guess social media in general just has me baffled.  The other day I was told I was too dumb for words by a person I barely knew.  Don’t even think she was one of my friends, but I blocked her anyway.  All I had done was post a meme about gun control, which she took completely out of context and there you go.

I then had a Pastor who I have known for years up and block me because I didn’t agree with his politics.  First of all, why is a pastor telling me how to vote?  Not suggesting or saying the pros and cons of the situation, but that we have to have Hillary as president, Obama was the best president we have every had and Michelle Obama was a better first lady than even Jackie Kennedy… That last part really upset me.  But, what we got the most crossways over was how he felt like he could post all types of memes about how all white people are racist, we hate Obama because he is black, and other let’s hate all whites sort of items.  If you haven’t guessed it yet, he is a black pastor, of whom I was part of his church for a long time.  I told him first off I don’t hate Obama, I just don’t like his politics and what he has done for America.  I also try very hard to not see color, but after having all this race rhetoric thrown at me, it makes it very hard not to.  I guess when he posted for all to see that my husband had become loony and needed to get back on his meds just because he didn’t agree with the pastor, I finally had to tell him like it was.  Of course, we are both now blocked from his page, which is probably best.

The problem with social media is that for some reason people will say anything they want to you and about you because you are not face to face.  They can hide behind their computer screen, say anything they want, and then when things get too heated they can either block you, erase the posts, or just sign off.  I couldn’t imagine being a young person now, as I remember getting bullied and made fun of in school, but once you got home you could forget about it.  They didn’t have an easy way to communicate with you, and that was that.  Today, you can’t get away from them.  The bullies find you on social media and then harass you.  If you block them they will make a different screen name, get you to become friends, and then turn on you that way.  Someone can take a picture of you in a compromising situation and then blast it to everyone through texts or messenger.  It is just mind blowing.  I have told several people that if it wasn’t for wanting to keep up with my kids and friends, I would just close my Facebook account, but then I would lose out on my ability to communicate with them, and that would mean the bullies would win, and that is not an option.  I have come to the point where I try to post only cute and funny things so I don’t have to worry about the backlash… You know, pick your battles sort of thing.

But all that aside, my main focus right now is to finally start focusing on writing fiction.  I know I have been talking about this for a while, at least 3 years, but this year I turn a speed limit on August 1, you know the speed no one can drive?  55….  So, it is time to either start writing or move on to something else… Is there something in your life you have wanted to do, but just haven’t started or gave up on it?  Maybe it is time you take inventory of what you really want to do in this life before it is too late… As life does seem to go faster the older you get and before you know it you’re at the end…. Till next time….


Well, this is a new experience for me. This morning I get an email that my services are no longer needed for the company I have been with for almost three years. You might be thinking who gets fired through an email? Well, an independent contractor who works over the Internet. The joy of a work from home job with a boss you will never meet in person, the lack of human interaction, but when you are an introvert like me that just wants to do their job without office politics or having a boss standing behind me breathing down Imagemy neck it is a good thing. But, back to the issue at hand. I am now officially fired. This is one of the only times in the past 13 years as a medical transcriptionist that I don’t have at least one other job to fall back on. I am right now floating in the wind wondering what the heck to do. With the holidays coming up, a handful of big transcription companies buying up all the little ones, hospitals outsourcing to the big transcription companies, there isn’t much going on out there.

I personally have been home so long I don’t have the wardrobe to even go back to a job outside the house at this time, as I don’t think shorts and an old T-shirt is acceptable attire for most office jobs. Honestly, I don’t want to go back to an office job as a secretary, as getting a job outside of the home with my skill set is basically office worker or secretary. I was a graphic designer for over 18 years before I got into transcription, but I haven’t kept up with all the new software packages, well they are the same packages I used to use but have gone through a zillion upgrades and I could figure them out, but there is a bit of a learning curve. This would mean I would basically have to go back in entry level and the thought of that at the age of 51 isn’t very appealing to me, but will have to keep that as an option.

So, here I am at a crossroad. I haven’t liked what I do for a long time now. Sitting here typing until my hands cramp, because as a medical transcriptionist you are normally paid by the line, so the faster you type the more you make, or no tippy tippy typing means no money. I have beat my hands to death now for over 10 years and they are letting me know it. I have been trying to figure out a way out of this profession, a way to transition into something else I want to do, but I wanted some breathing room, an exit plan, not just kicked out on my butt and now scrambling.

Told my hubbie I have one week to figure this out and then I have no option than to go out and hit temp agencies and see what I can do. I do have other skills though, other options. I have an embroidery business. I have a commercial machine that has been making extra money for four years now, maybe it is time to get on a wild advertising journey and get enough orders to cover what I was making. I have had a pretty good little business just word of mouth, I guess it is time to get the old guerrilla marketing book out and get to work.

I am also a writer. I have a couple of books on Amazon in the Kindle store. I have two other books almost finished, plus I have a series of doll-making books I am working on in collaboration with my mentor/teacher, so I would think I could figure out how to make money without depending on a transcription company who would drop me over one bad report. I mean just Friday they were praising my work and today they are “appalled” by my work, what gives? You give me an audio report that even the person who speaks the language this doctor speaks couldn’t understand, so by the time I am done typing it looks like Swiss cheese from all the blanks, but I am the bad transcriptionist. Give me a break. If a doctor wants his report typed to perfection he need to learn to talk. I mean basic communication… speak clearly and then we all know what you are trying to say… but that is for a different post.

I guess it is now time for me to take action, figure this out, and move on. I was wanting an exit plan and now I have one. Not the one I wanted, but you know God works in mysterious ways and guess this is Him moving and I better follow…till next time…

I had this bright idea to go to the “Millionaire Mind Intensive,” which is a seminar based on the book by the same name. It has a good premise in that we have a certain mindset and until we change that we are never going to see a change in our life. You know that whole thoughts are things sort of thing. If you think poor you will be poor, if you think rich you will be rich, or something of the sort. Things around the Lord household haven’t  been great financially for a while, but the downfall came last year when in April 2011 I had a left total knee replacement, ended up missing much more work than I planned, fell into a deep depression due to family and financial issues, blah, blah, blah…. I figured it wouldn’t hurt to go see if this seminar could give me some pointers on how to change my mindset and change my life. Of course, it was one of those high hype; get everyone up and dancing to get them ready for the hype.

I was doing okay, kind of reminded me of some churches I have been in over the years, I was just glad no one started screaming in tongues or having an epileptic fit (sorry, I have no problems with charismatic churches, I actually pray in tongues, and I used to belong to several, but just have issue with stupid behavior in the “spirit” when that has nothing to do with it, but I am writing a book on that subject so will leave it at that), but we get towards the end of the evening and I ended up getting so upset I almost had a breakdown right here. It was called the “Let’s burn a $100 bill exercise,” in which we were suppose to really burn a $100 bill. The premise was you should rule money, not money rule you. They had these ushers up in the front with candles and trashcans and were getting everybody up in a line to go burn their money. I didn’t have a $100 bill, I just had a $20, but to me the thought of burning my last $20 was about more than I could take. I mean really, how was I going to put gas in the car to get home? How I am I going to get something to eat on the way home, as it was 11 p.m. and we hadn’t had dinner yet? Why the heck are we going to burn perfectly good money? Money should be respected. I felt like why would I up and burn this money here, when I sure wouldn’t do this at home? I almost told him he was an idiot and refused to do it.

We then all get up and are on our way to burn our money and at the last minute the announcer told us to go sit down, it was just a test. I was so mad I almost told him off. You get me so upset I am trying not to cry in public and then it is just a test. He then goes into his reasoning for the test. He said if we were willing to physically burn money there then we would be willing to figuratively burn money in the world. Oh, I forgot to mention there were rules to this exercise. We could not leave the room and could not change the bills out for different ones; you know like change the hundred for a twenty or such. I didn’t like the fact that I couldn’t leave the room, as that brought up bad memories of a church service I was in where the pastor made the ushers lock the doors until the congregation heard God and gave a better offering, but that is for another time. He then admonished the people who traded out their bills, as that meant they were frauds. He also really got onto the people who loaned other people a hundred so they could be part of the exercise.

I guess what got me so upset was I was looking at the exercise in a totally different light. To me if you are so tied to your money that you can’t let it go then how are you going to be able to freely give to others in need? How can you be a good steward of your money if you can’t let loose of it? The one lady in the audience not only gave another person a hundred to use, she told them if they felt they needed to burn it then feel free to. To me she demonstrated a true giving spirit. She knew she would never see the money again, but was okay with that if it meant the other person could get a breakthrough in their life from it.

She was the type that I would see in church that truly gave their money to those who needed it never asking for it back, never expecting anything in return, and certainly not expecting any applause for what they did. What upset me so was that I was so worried about losing a twenty that I had lost my ability to trust in a greater power to take care of me, for me that Is God. I used to be a selfless giver. If someone needed food I would give them what was left in my cabinets. If their lights were going to be turned off I would give them my last dollar, but after being kicked out of more churches than most people will ever attend, I guess I have become cynical, a bit calloused, and certainly too attached to what little I have financially at this point.

To me that was the lesson that should have been taught, not what the seminar was teaching, i.e. don’t throw your money away or burn it, use it to invest and make money… what the lesson should have been is you need to be willing to hear the small, quiet voice in your head that is telling you to trust and believe and have enough trust in it to truly burn that hundred dollar bill if it tells you and know it will be okay. I used to be able to do that. I used to be able to hear the voice, i.e. I heard God and did what He said, but must say a stupid exercise at a hyped up seminar actually helped me back on the road I needed to be on, not the road I expected, but you know that is how God works…in mysterious ways….till next time…

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