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A friend of mine was looking for an old high school friend that they have not heard from in years.  They joined one of those social sites and after a lot of searching actually found several old school friends.  In particular, they found someone that they had not been able to find, even though they had been looking.  They were so excited and was so happy to hear the person was doing well.  The problem was the person they found is not the person they lost years ago.  The older version has massive baggage and just does not resemble the person they remembered.  This got me to thinking are there certain people in your past that are best to leave lost, especially when you were kids and now many years have past?  I don’t care how good a person’s life has been they should still be quite different than when you knew them back then.  I mean, if a person is now in their 50s hopefully they have quit partying every night, racing their car in illegal races, or whatever stupid thing they did as a kid.  If they are still doing that type of stuff they either need their head examined or are probably not a good person to be around anyway.  If they are a normal adult though life has a way of changing you, making you grow up and not having much of a resemblance of the younger you.  I am glad I am different than the teenager I was.  I was horribly shy, had no self-esteem, and at times probably was not the greatest person to be around.  The years have been both kind and hard, but they have truly shaped me into the strong, independent woman I am now with a hubbie of over 30 years, three grown kids, who have actually got their lives somewhat in order, and people do seem to like to be around.  I don’t know, maybe sometimes we are better off with the image in our head of an old friend than the new flawed version, but who am I to say?  Till next time…

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