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I see it has been a while since my last post.  I do mean well though.  I think about posting, as there isn’t a day that goes by that there isn’t something to write about.  I mean the presidential election this year is going to be very interesting. Currently, I know who I’m not voting for, but have no idea who I am going to vote for.  I am looking strongly at the Libertarian candidate, as I consider myself an independent.  I vote for the person and the type of job I feel they will do, not what party they are.  The problem is that there really isn’t much difference between the Republicans and the Democrats to a point.  They say different things, but when it comes time to take action, you normally end up with the same thing.   Lies, broken promises, and wondering what has happened to our great country, the USA.  No matter how bad things look over here though, you would be hard pressed to find a country that is better to live in.  We still have freedom of speech, freedom to worship or not worship as we please, decide who to marry and how many children we want, and a whole host of other freedoms.  There are certain countries where if you said one bad word against the president or leader you would be killed or thrown in a locked cell never to be seen again.  If you were in their country illegally you sure wouldn’t be able to protest on the streets talking about what rights you should have.  First off, you probably wouldn’t want anyone to know you are there illegally and the minute they find out you of course will be either deported, jailed, or killed in the streets.   But, that wasn’t where I was going with this post…

You could also talk about the police shootings, racial tensions, all the acts of violence that are happening not only here but around the world, but that isn’t what I want to talk about.  I guess what is really bugging me right now is Facebook and social media.  I guess social media in general just has me baffled.  The other day I was told I was too dumb for words by a person I barely knew.  Don’t even think she was one of my friends, but I blocked her anyway.  All I had done was post a meme about gun control, which she took completely out of context and there you go.

I then had a Pastor who I have known for years up and block me because I didn’t agree with his politics.  First of all, why is a pastor telling me how to vote?  Not suggesting or saying the pros and cons of the situation, but that we have to have Hillary as president, Obama was the best president we have every had and Michelle Obama was a better first lady than even Jackie Kennedy… That last part really upset me.  But, what we got the most crossways over was how he felt like he could post all types of memes about how all white people are racist, we hate Obama because he is black, and other let’s hate all whites sort of items.  If you haven’t guessed it yet, he is a black pastor, of whom I was part of his church for a long time.  I told him first off I don’t hate Obama, I just don’t like his politics and what he has done for America.  I also try very hard to not see color, but after having all this race rhetoric thrown at me, it makes it very hard not to.  I guess when he posted for all to see that my husband had become loony and needed to get back on his meds just because he didn’t agree with the pastor, I finally had to tell him like it was.  Of course, we are both now blocked from his page, which is probably best.

The problem with social media is that for some reason people will say anything they want to you and about you because you are not face to face.  They can hide behind their computer screen, say anything they want, and then when things get too heated they can either block you, erase the posts, or just sign off.  I couldn’t imagine being a young person now, as I remember getting bullied and made fun of in school, but once you got home you could forget about it.  They didn’t have an easy way to communicate with you, and that was that.  Today, you can’t get away from them.  The bullies find you on social media and then harass you.  If you block them they will make a different screen name, get you to become friends, and then turn on you that way.  Someone can take a picture of you in a compromising situation and then blast it to everyone through texts or messenger.  It is just mind blowing.  I have told several people that if it wasn’t for wanting to keep up with my kids and friends, I would just close my Facebook account, but then I would lose out on my ability to communicate with them, and that would mean the bullies would win, and that is not an option.  I have come to the point where I try to post only cute and funny things so I don’t have to worry about the backlash… You know, pick your battles sort of thing.

But all that aside, my main focus right now is to finally start focusing on writing fiction.  I know I have been talking about this for a while, at least 3 years, but this year I turn a speed limit on August 1, you know the speed no one can drive?  55….  So, it is time to either start writing or move on to something else… Is there something in your life you have wanted to do, but just haven’t started or gave up on it?  Maybe it is time you take inventory of what you really want to do in this life before it is too late… As life does seem to go faster the older you get and before you know it you’re at the end…. Till next time….


I admit it, every four years I just dread election year. This year though seems even worse than normal. I guess part of the problem this year is Facebook and other social media. It seems like I have friends on both sides of the spectrum and then some of these get quite upset when you do not feel the same as they do. I did not vote for Obama 4 years ago, and I am not going to vote for him this time either. I have no problem with posting pics, links, etc. that state my opinion of our president and the job he has been doing. The problem with this is other people also have opinions and are not afraid to express them either. The problem comes in when you are dealing with the internet and people are not afraid to go on the attack, as you are not talking directly to another person, but to an impersonal computer screen so you feel this power to say whatever you want. I mean what consequences are going to happen? They defriend you? They type something ugly back to you? They delete your comment? It just seems like people are so different over the internet than they are in public, as there is really no consequences or backlash that comes from what you type on the screen.

I do remember four years ago when I was in for a yearly mammogram and the technician was all upset over Obama and the election. The problem is she waits until she gets me stuck in the machine and then starts telling me all about it. I did agree with her, but even if I didn’t I wouldn’t have said anything, as I really wanted out of the machine. I mean I hate mammograms as it is, as they hurt, especially when you are well endowed and they have to try to squish the girls flat. Ouch!! I sure didn’t need the added problem of the tech going into a long, drawn out spew about how she disliked Obama, how he should not be elected, and what issues it would cause. Of course four year later she was right, but that really was not the time to let others know how she felt. Most people though in social situations avoid the big three topics… politics, religion and how much a person makes per year, but when it comes to the internet any topic is fair game. Don’t like certain religions, just post on Facebook, Twitter, whatever and say whatever you feel. Don’t like the way a certain person looks or acts, post their pic and talk all about them. It really is crazy, but I think I got off chasing rabbits here and need to get back to the subject at hand – election year.

I guess my main problem with election year is the fact that all the parties can take the same subject and twist it into their agenda or plans. It is kind of like religion. There are all type of denominations and they all can use the same scripture, but have a different meaning depending on their agenda. The same thing applies to politics. Whether it be taxes, jobs, etc., they can all take the same statistics and make it look bad for their opponent or good for themselves. It is called let’s see what way we can spin the facts to work in our favor, and the ones who suffer from all this spinning is the American people, who have to suffer through the TV ads, debates, etc. until the election is finally over and then the fun begins.

I do think what upsets me the most is those people on Facebook who cannot handle other people’s opinions. I posted the below picture and got cussed at from someone who I didn’t think even used those type of words. I did add that Obama was one of the most unpatriotic presidents we have ever had, but really now.  Like I posted back to her, if you can’t handle the posts about politics, then maybe you need to stay off of Facebook until the election is over, because there is no way to get away from all the pictures, jokes, etc. that are being posted from all sides and you either ignore them, make your comments about it, or just take a hiatus from social media. Till next time….

At what point did we all stop talking to each other? Since the age of cell phones, Facebook, Twitter, I-Pad, etc. it seems that no one talks face-to-face anymore. I have started looking at the people sitting in restaurants and have noticed how you will have young couples who rarely speak to each other, as they are too busy texting on their cell phones. I sit and wonder if they are texting each other instead of actually speaking.  Everywhere you look there are people of all ages walking/driving/sitting texting on their phones and not talking to the person sitting right next to them. You have people who end relationships through a text message. People literally do not know they have been dumped until they read their significant other’s Facebook page and see that their relationship status has changed to single. How many people can actually say they have hand wrote a letter in the last year? I understand that email is much quicker way to contact someone than snail mail, but sometimes it is nice to receive a letter that someone actually took the time to write to you, instead of a quick email or text they just whipped together. I didn’t even realize how mad my one son was with me until he un-friended me on Facebook and that was months ago with no word since. I really feel that there are many a broken relationship, angry feelings, and people who have been hurt deeply because instead of picking up a phone or going to see the person face-to-face they have misunderstood the intention of an email or text, got their feelings hurt and quit talking to the other person, when the other person did not mean what they thought.

The problem with the written word is you can get some emotion from it, but you cannot always get the true meaning as you are not hearing the inflection in their voice, seeing the look on their face, their body language and all the other subtle hints that let you know what their true meaning is. You cannot see in a text how a person truly feels. Yes, you can type in all caps and let a person know you are mad or you can make little symbols and XOXOs to show love, but that can only go so far. We have a whole generation of kids who have no idea how to interact with other people because they have spent all their waking hours communicating through truncated texts or status updates on Facebook. I really do think it is about time that people take the time to make personal contact instead of relying on the impersonal electronic communication we have all become accustom to. Till next time….

Last year at some point my kids introduced me to Facebook. It was about the only way I could keep up with my one son and his fiance, but little did I know Facebook would turn into my nemesis. One day I had been sent all these gifts to a game called Farmville. I was tired of the 100+ gift requests so decided to figure out what was going on. That was the day I became hooked to FB games. From there I went to Farm Town, Mafia Wars, Cafe World, Fishville, Fish World, Fish Isle, My Town, etc. I quit playing the fish games when they decided to start killing off my fish by making them sick, which really upset me. Nothing worse than opening up your game and seeing these cute little fish who are now floating upside down. I have become a skilled farmer, mafia kingpin, grand town builder, and now I waste way toooo much time playing games. The problem is they suck you into playing. I mean you are trying to wean off the games and then your request box becomes filled with gifts, friend requests, mystery boxes, and you name it and you can’t just let it sit there and expire. I mean I have the biggest farm you can have in Farmville and it is so full of stuff that I have no room for anything else, but I keep accepting anything you send me. I just can’t stop. How in the world did this happen? I am one of those who has never played video games, don’t own a game console of any sort, have thought about a Wii, just cause I like their exercise programs, but I am just not one to play games like this. Now, I find I don’t want to stop, as my town buildings will turn red and lose money, my farm will spoil, my pet in Petville will run off to the pound, and my granddaughter loves to see “Pinkie” when she comes over, and my dogs will run away in Farmville if I don’t feed them every day for 14 days in a row. See how they suck you in? Then the best stuff always takes game cash, which you normally can only get if you by it with real money. That makes me mad as I am not going to spend money like that, but then that limits what I can buy and do. I am one of those who doesn’t drink, never smoked, don’t cuss, I guess my main vice is eating, but this past two weeks since my throat surgery I have found eating is over rated and hurts, but I guess I never understood how a person could be addicted to something until now. I mean the games are not going to kill me like drugs or alcohol would, but it is killing my muse, my creativity, my time that should be dedicated to my art is instead getting eaten up by these stupid games. I like they way they don’t have a pause button for them to where you can pause everything and then start it back up once you are ready to come back. I mean in Mafia Wars your properties are shutdown and you lose your money. In My Town your buildings go red. Fish games your fish die unless you check on them at least one a day. These game programmers know how to hook you in and keep you. Well, I think it is time to go cold turkey. Goodness, this is going to be hard, but I think it is time before you see me on some intervention show. Well, that is probably a bit much, but I’m not getting any younger and I need to quit wasting the time I have left on some silly game. Till next time …

A friend of mine was looking for an old high school friend that they have not heard from in years.  They joined one of those social sites and after a lot of searching actually found several old school friends.  In particular, they found someone that they had not been able to find, even though they had been looking.  They were so excited and was so happy to hear the person was doing well.  The problem was the person they found is not the person they lost years ago.  The older version has massive baggage and just does not resemble the person they remembered.  This got me to thinking are there certain people in your past that are best to leave lost, especially when you were kids and now many years have past?  I don’t care how good a person’s life has been they should still be quite different than when you knew them back then.  I mean, if a person is now in their 50s hopefully they have quit partying every night, racing their car in illegal races, or whatever stupid thing they did as a kid.  If they are still doing that type of stuff they either need their head examined or are probably not a good person to be around anyway.  If they are a normal adult though life has a way of changing you, making you grow up and not having much of a resemblance of the younger you.  I am glad I am different than the teenager I was.  I was horribly shy, had no self-esteem, and at times probably was not the greatest person to be around.  The years have been both kind and hard, but they have truly shaped me into the strong, independent woman I am now with a hubbie of over 30 years, three grown kids, who have actually got their lives somewhat in order, and people do seem to like to be around.  I don’t know, maybe sometimes we are better off with the image in our head of an old friend than the new flawed version, but who am I to say?  Till next time…

The other night I posted on Facebook my opinion of Obama’s speech. My point was he talks a great game (proved that by getting elected) but I really felt a lot of what he said was BS that would never get done. I was very nice in my comments, but ended up with a guy telling me how wrong I was and he deleted me as a friend. He said my posts made me sound angry and bitter and he didn’t want friends like that. Hmmm, for those who know me I am pretty laid back and easy going. I guess the older I get the grumpier I appear. I thought in the USA we had the freedom to express ourselves. I had some other friends defend me, but I really don’t understand why they had to. Oh well, I really could not remember who the guy was as I have bunches of FB friends that I have no clue who they are other than we are the same high school graduating class. I keep most of them as friends as I need them as neighbors on some of the FB games … LOL. At least on my blog if you don’t like what I say you can just close the page or comment before you go. Till next time…

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