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IMAG0744I have a little two-pound chihuahua who will be 13 years old in May 2018. She is a little bugger with white fur and a few brown spots, most notably is the spot that looks like an upside down heart on her back. She is a feisty little thing who apparently has small dog syndrome because she thinks she is a pit bull.  She takes on other dogs no matter how large they are.  This the reason I rarely take her out of the house. It is also the reason I had to make a tiny little muzzle for her.  For some reason, people see her and think she is so cute and little that they have to pet her, but I never know when her bad side is going to come out, so better safe than sorry. I have to admit we get some crazy looks from people when they go to pet her and then see the muzzle, they pull their hand back in midair and say what? That is when I have to go into my speech that I never know who she is going to like or not, so it is for your own protection, which is kind of sad, but true.

Sadly though, about three months ago I realized she had in a very short time gone completely blind. Her eyes that used to glow red in a certain light now look like white clouded over circles. I jokingly say she has become a zombie, as she has no teeth and now has these zombie’s eyes. It is kind of creepy. She seems to be doing well though. I had someone ask if I was going to put her down because of her blindness and I said no because I was going to wait and see how she got along, if she was able to adapt, and if she still had a good quality of life. The thing is, she is actually doing quite well. What helps is we have lived in the same house for the past almost 13 years, so she basically grew up here. The first couple of weeks were rough. She walked until she ran into something, bounces off and then goes a different direction until she ran into something else, and off she would go. As long as no doors are open that she isn’t used to she can make from the bedroom to the kitchen and back fairly well. I have thought about getting her a helmet as she really does hit hard sometimes, but I really think she would spend more time trying to get the helmet off than doing anything else. She has her path and as long as it is free of any obstacles she is fine.

What still bugs me though is her eyes. I guess I have seen too many zombie movies, but I really think she looks like a zombie dog. The writer in me keeps trying to figure out how to fit her into a story. She could be a zombie hunter, who can sniff out others like herself. She could also be an evil dog that bites people’s ankles and turns them into zombies. Maybe they ought to use her on the Walking Dead as one of the character’s dogs, or even the show Freakish, she really would make a very interesting new character. Just think about it, here is this little two-pound miniature dog who growls at everything, thinks she is 100 pounds, hangs off pit bull neck skin swinging back and forth, then add the zombie eyes to the mix, and there you go. She would probably be one of the most interesting characters on TV right now. She would then try to melt hearts by sitting all prim and proper with her front little paws crossed looking really pitiful to where she can get whatever she wants. I wonder if she is smarter than we think and is just playing us all with her pitiful self to get all the attention she can grab. Hmmm, I bet she is currently thinking of ways to make me feel bad so I will give her a snack… Little smarty butt… Until next time…



Many, many years ago when I was 10 years old I remember telling my mom that guys were looking at me funny and I thought I might need a bra. She took me to the local JC Penney’s and we found the lady in the lingerie department to see if she could help. I will never forget her telling my mom how busty I was and that I had not only passed up the training bras, but that I was already in a B cup at the age of 10. I was fairly thin, so back then girls were just not as busty as they are now. I think it has to do with all the growth hormones in the milk and meat our kids are eating is a big reason why girls today are much bigger in the breast area than the women of a generation ago, but back to the subject. I found out at an early age that men are attracted to breasts. I have literally had to tell men that my eyes are on my face, not my chest, so look me in the eye when you talk to me. I have left job interviews before because the interviewer kept looking at my chest and not my face. In the one interview the interviewer was also the boss, so I knew that was never going to work. The minute I knew the job would never work I turned my head sideways, leaned down enough to look him in the eye, and gave him the lecture about where breasts are located and where eyes are located and that he needed to get a clue. Of course in the work place now there are all sorts of sexual harassment rules in place, but guys still look.

I have also found out over the years that for some reason certain men think because the breasts are sticking out there that it is okay to grab them. No, it is not okay to grab any part of another person’s body unless they have given you permission. Is it okay for me to walk up and grab your nose and pull it? Would you like me to grab your ear and twist it? I don’t think so, so why is it okay for you to walk up to me and grab my breast? Like I have been telling people for years, this is my space – that is yours, so stay out of mine. I have had issues with people being in my personal space for years and as I get older it really isn’t getting much better. I mean when you spend your formative years with guys thinking it is okay to grab certain things, you start becoming very protective of your personal space. I remember being on the school bus sitting toward the back, minding my own business, and having guys sit in the seat in front of me and turn around and start trying to put their hand down my shirt. I of course fought them, but the fact that nobody seemed to think that was a problem really to this day still bugs me. Then if you are busty and a blonde, well everyone thinks you are easy and anything goes. Well…. It doesn’t. If I say get away from me that is what I mean. I think I can speak for a lot of busty women out there, just because they are out there doesn’t mean they are fair game for you to play with. Goodness…

So, back to the original question, what is the thing about guys and boobs? Does it go back to being a baby and breast feeding? Is it the fact that men don’t have them and that makes them think they need to play with them? What is the deal? I sure wish someone would answer the question for me. I have asked many men and I never seem to get an answer other than, “cause they are there,” which is not an answer. There are many women who are into a guys butts, but I don’t know many women who would walk up to a man they did not know and grab their butt, unless the guy was a stripper or there were other circumstances that would make it okay. Oh well, as long as women have boobs, men are going to drool over them. Till next time….

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