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Last week my hubby and I went on an overnight trip to a local casino for his birthday.  When we got home, on Friday, I found my 15-year-old male Chihuahua Speedy lying in his favorite spot and he had passed. He took his trip over the Rainbow Bridge as they say. He was an old dog, had always been very thin, but seemed to be in good health. We knew any dog at that age it was inevitable that time was running short, but it was a shock. Now almost a week later I still look for him. He used to sleep right up next to me at night and now I wake up wondering where he is and then it hits me, he’s gone. Unless you have had an animal you truly loved, I don’t think a person can understand how bad it hurts. Some people look at dogs or other animals as something that is in this world but couldn’t really care less what happens to them. You have those people who can’t understand why people love their pets so or how they can say that they love the pets more than people. I guess it is weird that you could love a furry friend more than a human, but it is true. A dog loves you no matter what. They love you when you are hurting. They love you no matter how you treat them, but if you love them, they will more than reciprocate that feeling. How can you not have love for a pet that has sat in your lap or slept with you for years? A pet acts excited to see you whether you have just been in the other room or gone for a week, they still can’t wait to jump in your lap and say hello. This little animal can tell when your sad or happy and they act accordingly. Unless you have loved a pet, you just don’t understand.

I was going to write my farewell to Speedy last week right after it happened, but I just couldn’t bring myself to it. Speedy was born to our female Lady who passed two years ago to cancer. I was there when he was born. I made sure she was able to take care of him and then we watched him grow into an adult. At the time, we were raising and selling puppies and he was my stud, which is how he got the name Speedy. When he was a puppy it was because he was fast, but as an adult, he knew when the girls were in heat before I did. For some reason, though, he was always a thin dog. I told him he sure didn’t belong in our family because none of us were thin, but any vet I took him to told us it was just his metabolism. Even after his stud days were gone the weight never did come, but he was a happy dog. He was an affection hog and would knock the other dogs out of his way to make sure he got our attention.

Now we only have one of our original Chihuahuas left and that is “zombie dog” Sassy. She will be 13 this year, is blind and toothless, so we will just continue to love on her until her day comes. Who knows, she could live to be 16, you just never know.

For those of you who have lost your furry friend, I can feel your pain. We can take solace in know that they have crossed the Rainbow Bridge and are now playing with their friends that went before them over fields of grass and pools of water, living out their lives with no pain. All I can hope is when the day comes for me to go home that they will be there waiting for me… R.I.P. little buddy Speedy… Until next time…


ImageA couple of weeks ago my uncle passed and my family and I traveled up to a different state to be at the funeral. The funeral was fine, but I must admit I absolutely hate funerals. I do my best to completely avoid them when I can. I guess the funeral itself isn’t the problem….it is the corpse. I have issues with the viewing as I get creeped out when it comes time to go up and look at the deceased. To me I keep waiting for them to get up and say hello. I keep looking at them wondering if I saw them flinch or move. I also have this almost uncontrollable impulse to touch them and see what they feel like. I mean are they hard? Cold? Clammy? I don’t know, as I have never gotten the nerve to touch one of the deceased. I found myself sitting at the viewing a couple of weeks ago and was having these images of my uncle getting up and bopping the priest in the head with the bells/incense the priest was shaking around the body for religious reasons. Something about prepping the area with incense for prayer or something of the sort. I never really did understand why the priest was shaking these incense bells and saying prayers, but that really wasn’t the issue. The issue was I kept having these images of my uncle grabbing them and shaking them at the priest. You know one of those scenes where you get tired of a kid crying and screaming behind you so you turn around and scream and cry at them, not that I would ever do that, but same principle.

I guess the other thing that bugs me about funerals is all the people who haven’t seen, talked to, or really even remember the name of the deceased, who come up and cry over the body, tell everyone what a wonderful person the deceased was, and you know they are so full of BS it is a wonder they don’t stink or are leaving a trail of poo behind them. I guess it is just human nature or the way life is, but you really see a person’s true colors by the way they act at funerals. I have seen some of the worst behavior ever come out at a funeral. My husband’s aunt was at the courthouse filing papers that her sister was never her sister so the aunt could get complete stake in the parent’s inheritance when my husband’s mom died. The parent’s estate was still in the court system as the original will was never found, so aunt wanted to get everything and figured if she could show legally that she was an only child that would settle everything. Of course it didn’t work, but really, how does a person think of these things right after a loved one has died. How many people’s inheritance goes to the wrong person because of actions taken within hours of their deaths? Just crazy.

I know death is a part of life. Everyone is going to die. There is no such thing as being immortal no matter what you read in books. I mean you can even kill vampires, shape shifters, or other paranormal beings, so what makes a person think they are never going to die? I just wonder if I would be more apt to go to funerals if I knew there wasn’t going to be such shenanigans going on in public or behind the scene. I do know I want people to be happy when I die. The Bible basically says that we should celebrate the dead and cry for the just born, as the dead are going to a better place. I want a party. I would love to have a parade like you see in New Orleans with the guy dancing in front with the umbrella followed by a band and the death wagon. If old, slow, depressing dirge songs are played I am going to get up out of the coffin and yell at everyone. I want upbeat music, no sad speeches about me, and no fire and brimstone sermon trying to scare people out of hell. Celebrate my life and celebrate where I am going, and hopefully nobody has strange images of me jumping up out of the coffin bopping the priest in the head with incense bells. Till next time….

When I heard last night that Whitney had passed the first thing that came to mind was did she die from drugs and alcohol? That wasn’t a nice thing to think, but we have known for years that she has been fighting her demons and now apparently they won. I mean a body can only take so much abuse until it finally says I have had it and stops working. My problem is that so many people have blamed Bobby Brown for Whitney’s issues, but he didn’t make her take the drugs. There are many people out there who have been offered drugs, alcohol, etc. but have turned them down. Most of us know what our demons are and try to avoid them. If we know we have an addictive behavior we avoid what might cause us problems. What I truly do not understand is how someone with such talent feels they need to do drugs or alcohol to fill whatever they are missing in their lives. I mean these people are living the dream. They have fame, fortune, and are doing what they love, but they turn around and ruin their lives because for some reason they aren’t happy or fulfilled or whatever the issue is.

I guess my problem with the whole thing is that now all we are going to hear for weeks is how tragic her death was. We are going to hear her music, see her picture, etc., but there are normal people dying every day who will never be heard of. People in law enforcement, fire men and women, soldiers who have died in the line of duty, but other than in their hometowns will never be known. How about those people who jump in front of cars to save a child, run into burning buildings, or do any number of other things that ended their lives to save others, but do you ever hear about them? How about those who lose their fight with cancer or some other type of disease, but spend their last days inspiring others or leaving their mark on society, but do you know who they are? No you won’t. Look at Farah Fawcett. She lost her battle with cancer, but due to horrible timing died the same day as Michael Jackson, who of course died from drugs, and guess who got all the publicity? Michael Jackson of course. I just get tired of people who are celebrities and they get treated so different than the normal every day person, who offered more to the world in the truest sense than what most of the celebrities, but are never recognized or even heard of. Just my opinion of course. Till next time…

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