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At what point did we all stop talking to each other? Since the age of cell phones, Facebook, Twitter, I-Pad, etc. it seems that no one talks face-to-face anymore. I have started looking at the people sitting in restaurants and have noticed how you will have young couples who rarely speak to each other, as they are too busy texting on their cell phones. I sit and wonder if they are texting each other instead of actually speaking.  Everywhere you look there are people of all ages walking/driving/sitting texting on their phones and not talking to the person sitting right next to them. You have people who end relationships through a text message. People literally do not know they have been dumped until they read their significant other’s Facebook page and see that their relationship status has changed to single. How many people can actually say they have hand wrote a letter in the last year? I understand that email is much quicker way to contact someone than snail mail, but sometimes it is nice to receive a letter that someone actually took the time to write to you, instead of a quick email or text they just whipped together. I didn’t even realize how mad my one son was with me until he un-friended me on Facebook and that was months ago with no word since. I really feel that there are many a broken relationship, angry feelings, and people who have been hurt deeply because instead of picking up a phone or going to see the person face-to-face they have misunderstood the intention of an email or text, got their feelings hurt and quit talking to the other person, when the other person did not mean what they thought.

The problem with the written word is you can get some emotion from it, but you cannot always get the true meaning as you are not hearing the inflection in their voice, seeing the look on their face, their body language and all the other subtle hints that let you know what their true meaning is. You cannot see in a text how a person truly feels. Yes, you can type in all caps and let a person know you are mad or you can make little symbols and XOXOs to show love, but that can only go so far. We have a whole generation of kids who have no idea how to interact with other people because they have spent all their waking hours communicating through truncated texts or status updates on Facebook. I really do think it is about time that people take the time to make personal contact instead of relying on the impersonal electronic communication we have all become accustom to. Till next time….


I really think someone put a bullseye on my car today, as it was like cars were coming after me.  I mean really, people taking wide two lane turns trying to hit me in the side, texting idiots taking all lanes including mine… it was like I was trying to drive through an obstacle course.  The worst was this little white car that was literally all over the road.  They were straddling two lanes, going from side to side in their lane and at one point almost hitting the curb and then almost hitting the car on the side of them.  They then would sit through the green light and try to run the red lights.  I was about to take my phone out and call the police to report them as being drunk, but decided I needed to pass them and it ends up it was an old couple and the man looked like he was lost.  I really do think at a certain age we all need to be retested when it comes to driving, as this old man was as, if not more dangerous than a person on their cell phone.  I then had another old lady try to rear-end me and  a third old man tried to side swipe me.  This was all on the main road near my house and all incidents were within a mile of each other.  I really did wonder if I either had a target on my car or a magnet that was pulling them towards me.  I used to love to drive, but now I think a tank would be a great vehicle to have, too bad they are illegal.  Till next time….

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