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The first weekend of February 2018, my hubby and I went to Colorado Springs, happytowerCO, to meet some friends and do some sightseeing.  Of course, I found several local cemeteries to explore, but also had to look at the beautiful scenery in Colorado.  This was my first time to visit so made sure I had plenty of memory cards and jump drives to store my pics.

I am one of those people though who see faces in everything, i.e. rocks, jelly lids, dirt on the sidewalk, clouds, you name it, I can find a face in it.  The first thing I saw was an older person’s face in the top portion of this rock formation with a crooked smile.  Can you see it?  But, when I mentioned what I saw my husband had another idea.  He thought it looked like a rock penis.  I guess I can see it, but why was that the first thing he saw?  Is it a guy thing?  Is because it does have a phallic look to it?  I don’t know, but I saw it too after the fact.

My question is why do guys normally see things in a sexual way and girls see the opposite?  I guess there are probably a lot of ladies who saw the rock penis, but I would hope more than just me saw the happy face.  But, leave it to me to find a funky rock formation to take pictures of and then post it…  I’m curious though, please comment and let me know what you see!  Until next time.






It has been a while since my last post I must admit.  For some reasangelandbirdnewon, this blog hasn’t been as important to me these past few months.  Late in 2016, I renewed my love for photography.  I have been taking pictures for as long I can remember.  When I was about 11 or so I had entered my photographs in the State Fair of Indiana.  I came in reserve best in show because the judges said a person of my age couldn’t have taken pictures that good.  But, after getting married, having kids, it seems as though life just kind of got in the way.  I would take pictures here and there, but they were mostly for my art dolls, purses, and other things I was working on, so taking the pictures was just something that needed to be done, not something I truly enjoyed.

Then I started researching digital cameras, how to sell stock photos, and started looking for my niche, what I find interesting and really wanted to spend time photographing.  After much thought, I realized I am fascinated with gravestones/statues/lost and forgotten things.  I then started my quest to find graveyard angels, the cute but sometimes sad little people who spend their days and nights watching over the dead.  They can be little cherubs sitting on the headstone to life-size angles that are standing over or slumped over the grave.  When you start reading the headstones it can be so interesting.  You begin to wonder what their life was like, why they have the gravestones they have, and who they were, what they liked, and what got them to where they are now.  The most touching are the graves of the young.  The babies who only lived a few hours or the children who spent such a short time on this earth.  You can normally recognize a child’s grave as loved ones will leave toys and other trinkets to keep them company.

Another thing I love to take pictures of would be old and abandoned buildings.  I wish I was younger, as at this age being able to climb in through windows and running away from the scene is just really out of my physical ability.  Urban exploring as a photographer lends itself to such interesting photos.  I do though find older buildings, abandoned cars, and other forgotten things to photograph.  There is really such beauty in the ways old things start to decay.  The plants that overtake the structure, the rotting of the wood and how nature takes back the abandoned.  These forgotten places make a person wonder why are they in this shape, what were the people who lived there like, why did they leave, and will the place ever be a usable building again?

If you are curious about what I’ve been taking pictures of check me out at   You can even buy a print…  Is there something you used to like to do but haven’t in a while?  Something you have always wanted to try?  Well, you aren’t getting any younger so you might as well take the time and get to it.  Until next time…


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