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Last week my hubby and I went on an overnight trip to a local casino for his birthday.  When we got home, on Friday, I found my 15-year-old male Chihuahua Speedy lying in his favorite spot and he had passed. He took his trip over the Rainbow Bridge as they say. He was an old dog, had always been very thin, but seemed to be in good health. We knew any dog at that age it was inevitable that time was running short, but it was a shock. Now almost a week later I still look for him. He used to sleep right up next to me at night and now I wake up wondering where he is and then it hits me, he’s gone. Unless you have had an animal you truly loved, I don’t think a person can understand how bad it hurts. Some people look at dogs or other animals as something that is in this world but couldn’t really care less what happens to them. You have those people who can’t understand why people love their pets so or how they can say that they love the pets more than people. I guess it is weird that you could love a furry friend more than a human, but it is true. A dog loves you no matter what. They love you when you are hurting. They love you no matter how you treat them, but if you love them, they will more than reciprocate that feeling. How can you not have love for a pet that has sat in your lap or slept with you for years? A pet acts excited to see you whether you have just been in the other room or gone for a week, they still can’t wait to jump in your lap and say hello. This little animal can tell when your sad or happy and they act accordingly. Unless you have loved a pet, you just don’t understand.

I was going to write my farewell to Speedy last week right after it happened, but I just couldn’t bring myself to it. Speedy was born to our female Lady who passed two years ago to cancer. I was there when he was born. I made sure she was able to take care of him and then we watched him grow into an adult. At the time, we were raising and selling puppies and he was my stud, which is how he got the name Speedy. When he was a puppy it was because he was fast, but as an adult, he knew when the girls were in heat before I did. For some reason, though, he was always a thin dog. I told him he sure didn’t belong in our family because none of us were thin, but any vet I took him to told us it was just his metabolism. Even after his stud days were gone the weight never did come, but he was a happy dog. He was an affection hog and would knock the other dogs out of his way to make sure he got our attention.

Now we only have one of our original Chihuahuas left and that is “zombie dog” Sassy. She will be 13 this year, is blind and toothless, so we will just continue to love on her until her day comes. Who knows, she could live to be 16, you just never know.

For those of you who have lost your furry friend, I can feel your pain. We can take solace in know that they have crossed the Rainbow Bridge and are now playing with their friends that went before them over fields of grass and pools of water, living out their lives with no pain. All I can hope is when the day comes for me to go home that they will be there waiting for me… R.I.P. little buddy Speedy… Until next time…


The day of love – Valentine’s Day. This would be the day that millions of dollars will be spent on flowers, candies (hopefully the recipient isn’t a diabetic) and other assorted wonderments to show love to the intended object of their affection. I didn’t say person, as I was watching the show Strange Addiction the other night and a guy was having a sexual/loving relationship with his car, don’t ask how that was accomplished, so not everyone’s love is of the human species. So, back to the subject at hand – today is the day that men are made to feel guilty if they forget or do not look like they have spent enough on their sweetie. It really is to me a day that florist and candy companies got together and decided one day a year they are going to make a day where they are going to pay all their bills for the year and that will be Valentine’s Day. I know, that is not what happened, but I am sure that is why the day is promoted the way it is. Every commercial break for the past few weeks has been jewelry stores, online stuffed animals/candies/flowers, and other companies promoting how you need to buy a gift from them for your loved one or you are a terrible person who does not know how to show love or affection for your sweetie.

I remember when I used to work outside of the home and every Valentine’s Day it was like whose significant other could have the biggest gift delivered to the office. If your sweetie didn’t have something delivered then they must not love you much – what a crock. I personally would rather go out to eat then get flowers, not that I don’t like flowers, but at least I get to eat something I like and not watch it droop over the next couple of days. I think a plant is good, because you can normally keep it alive for a while, unless you forget to water it.

I just think that Valentine’s Day is one of those days that causes as much hurt and depression as it does love and affection. If you are one of the unlucky people who are not in a relationship or just recently been dumped or some other situation of the like, Valentine’s is just going to push you deeper into depression. Then you have the situation where your sweetie is unable to buy something for your and then they feel bad because they were not able to live up to the standards of the day, which is just dumb. I personally have no plans other than maybe going to Taco Cabana and getting the two can eat for $9.99 deal and leaving it at that. Till next time…

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