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This past month I have been really starting to focus on my art skills, specifically drawing.  I know, I am supposed to be focusing on writing, but I had a bit of a sidetrack.  I am still working on my writing, but that is for another post.  I found a wonderful book on creating “Imaginary Characters: Mixed-Media Painting Techniques for Figures and Faces” by Karen O’Brien.  In it she says to draw 100 faces so you can develop your own style, so I decided to draw 100 faces.  I thought there was no way I was ever going to get them done, but not only did I finish them today, I can actually see where I have started figuring out my style.  I mean I have been painting doll faces on cloth for art dolls for years now, but there is a big difference between painting faces on sculptured cloth and a face you draw with pencil or paint on paper.  My goal is to make the transition from 3D dolls to 2D flat surfaces, and this exercise has helped me see where I need to improve, plus where my style is going.  I must say I am so surprised at the difference between the first 20 compared to the last 20.  I posted some of my first drawings and final ones below.  I am now going to venture on and draw 50 hands and 50 feet, as they are both my nemesis…  My hands look like claws and my feet look like clubs, so if I am ever going to be able to go into fashion illustration it would be very helpful to be able to draw an entire person, not just a floating head or a lady with a head and torso, but no arms or legs.  I think that would be rather creepy.  

I would like to encourage anyone who is wanting to learn a new skill to sit down and make a plan, go to the library and find books on the subject, talk to others who are already doing what you want to do, and then practice, practice, practice.  I must say you will have such a feeling of accomplishment when you start comparing where you started to each step of your journey and the clear improvements and skills you have developed.

I will be posting pictures of my practice drawings of hands and feet as I complete them.  I have also not given up on writing.  Starting Monday is Book in a Week again, so I have a goal of writing 50 pages this next week, so we will see how far I get.  Till next time…

First few faces:

Final faces:

Quite the difference if I do say so myself….

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