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This past weekend a major event happened in Waco, some call it a massacre, at this point I am still not sure what you should call it.  It was sad for those who lost loved ones, it probably should have never happened, but what has really started to come out is the “race card.”  For those of you who don’t know what that is, it is where a person of a certain ethnic group goes on and on about how if the people in Waco were of their color the whole situation would have been different.  It basically goes back to the years where there was segregation of the different races.  As you can tell, I’m trying to be politically correct here, but at times you just cannot do that and still get the point across.  So, to put this in perspective, a group of people I am acquainted with have pulled the race card when it comes to Waco.  The first things out of their mouths was how if it had been “black” people the situation would have gone down completely different.  There would have been the Military, National Guard, etc., etc. and that the police would have gone in shooting before the fight even broke out.

My question is, what news have you been watching?  You had every level of law enforcement out in plain sight.  You had SWAT, Texas Troopers, Waco police, surrounding police, helicopters, etc.  They arrested over 175 people and several are still in jail on a million dollar bond, even though the police department at this time still cannot account for who really shot who.  I wouldn’t be surprised if it came out that the bikers were all shot by law enforcement, so how is that different from if they were all black??  I personally feel the Waco Police felt overwhelmed, went in guns blazing, and started shooting.  If the bikers had really been shooting at them wouldn’t one of the police officers or innocent bystanders been hit by stray bullets?  I think if the truth ever comes out there will be as much of an injustice in Waco as the different incidents in the USA where black men have been killed.

The next thing this group of acquaintances is saying is that if they were black they would have been called a gang, but since they were white they were called a club.  Let’s look below at the definition of the two words:


1.  A group of criminals
2.  A group of young people who do illegal things together and who often fight against other gangs
3.  A group of people who are friends and who do things together


  1. A group or association of people with common aims or interests   ⇒a wine club
  2. The room, building, or facilities used by such a group (in combination)   ⇒clubhouse
  3. A building in which elected, fee-paying members go to meet, dine, read, etc

To be a true club you have to follow Parliamentary Procedure for Club Meetings.  i.e., parliamentary procedure is the etiquette of organization. It is a uniform, businesslike procedure organizations use to ensure that all members have a chance to participate and yet reach conclusions. Parliamentary procedure is merely the application of good manners.  Most of your motorcycle clubs have this system in place.  They have a Sargeant at Arms, President, VP, etc.  Yes, your gangs have their own structure, but normally there is a head and everyone better fall in line or else.  The majority of true motorcycle clubs follow Parliamentary procedure, so they are a club.

I would like to know when the last time you heard of the Crips or Bloods or whoever that had a Toy Run or some other charity event…  I can’t think of one.  The other problem is have you ever heard of an innocent person dying from a drive by from a true motorcycle club?  But, you hear of young children, women, non-gang members getting shot often by a drive by shooting.  I have even heard of people getting shot in their own home from a stray drive by bullet…  Yes, there are motorcycle gangs, not clubs, that are a criminal group.  The problem is you cannot throw all the motorcycles clubs in to one big group like you also cannot throw all black young men into one group either.

Let’s look at the difference between a motorcycle gang and a motorcycle club:

MC Clubs raise money for their area and donate to good causes.
MC Gangs sell drugs to people, steal fight carry guns and use drugs themselves.
MC Clubs are made up of mostly good people with families and are good members of the area that they live in.
MC Gangs are mostly drug dealing trash that never worked a day in their life except on their bike.
MC Clubs have rides and events that are family friendly occasions
MC Gangs go on rides to fight, party, and deal dope.
MC Clubs may have members such as Police officers, Lawyers, Doctors, Blue collar guys, whatever.
MC Gangs usually have ex convicts for members.

I guess what I am so tired of is the fact that one of the main people who I know that is throwing around the race card is a minister of color, one I have known for years.  One who used to preach how there is no color, how the races need to learn to love each other, and that God sees no color, so we shouldn’t either.  How does teaching this line up with him now talking about how the black man is always being singled out by the police, stereotyped by the media, and will never get a break?  My problem with this is if you keep acting a certain way how do you expect anything to change?  I mean if anything the white people should be rioting over the whole Waco thing.  Why you ask?  Well the police came out and said they had been basically profiling these clubs for two months now.  They knew bad things would happen, so they had to take care of the situation.

We now have dead bikers, most likely by the police, so how is that different from the young black men who have died in the last couple of years by the police?  I know, I know, it’s not the same thing.  But, yes it is.  The only thing different is normally white people do not go trashing their own neighborhoods, shoot at police, and act the fool when we know there has been a wrong.  We peacefully protest, write our blogs, send letters to the officials, politicians, and everyone else who is involved.  We go to the press.  We take matters into our own hands and try to make a change.  If you don’t want to keep the stereotypes then quit acting the fool when you feel you have been treated unjust.  I mean the family of the black men who were killed by police have asked the people not to riot, not to act stupid, not to destroy their own neighborhoods, but the crowd goes ahead and riots.  Of course, then wonder why the main gas station in town will not rebuild.  Why should they?

I am not saying all whites are great, as I know there are many people out there who still believe we should be segregated, but there are more of us who believe otherwise and want to know why you are still blaming us for something that happened to the black race several generations ago.  Don’t you think it is time to quit throwing up the race card, and start stepping back and looking at the true facts of the situation?  Isn’t it time to quit saying it is a black problem or a white problem, but a problem that needs to be fixed by working together?  I try so hard not to see color, but it is so hard not to when every time you turn around it is thrown in your face.  I know I can’t be the only person who feels this way…  Till next time…

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