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I had no idea it has been so long since my last post.  For some reason in June I decided I needed two part-time jobs plus my one full-time one, so ended up not getting much done other than work for about six weeks and then realized my part-time jobs weren’t making me that much money, so now back to juflying boobiesst my day job.  I also had my Obamacare get stupid and wasn’t able to fill my pills until about a week ago, which we all know without my happy pills I’m not very happy.  For some reason every time I went up to pay my monthly premium at BCBS it kept telling me I didn’t owe anything.  It showed the subsidy payments and my account was zero.  Last month they finally decided that I did owe money and could not see a doctor until I paid up three months of payments.  So, I am working on getting that caught up, because if you let it lapse you have to pay back all the subsidy payments to the government.  Now does that make any sense to you?  I didn’t have the money for the insurance to begin with, that is why I am getting subsidies, but then you mess up my account and either I get it caught up or have to pay all the money back to the government?  I don’t get it, but at this point nothing this administration does makes any sense to me.  I just don’t understand all those people out there who voted for this presconeident and are still drinking the Kool-Aid that he is the best thing since sliced bread.  I mean really – is the hope and change really working for you?  Sure isn’t for me…   

Since this is my first post in a couple of months I thought I would talk about a subject that has been the most popular since I started this blog many moons ago.  If you haven’t guessed it – I’m talking about the “girls.”  The wonderful body part that women have, men don’t, but men are obsessed over.  I personally wish mine where a lot smaller so I could go buy a pretty bra at any store I wanted to but, maybe one day before I die that will come to fruition.  So, the other day I was driving down the road and saw this young lady jogging.  She was fairly thin, but did have enough cleavage to bounceBoob-Comic-Sports-Bra-580x435 her way down the street.  I looked at my husband and said that girl needs a better bra.  He of course asks if he needs to go tell her, but I let him know that wouldn’t be very appropriate and we drove on.  This got me to thinking how many women who work out or exercise are wearing the wrong bras.  Just because a bra says it is a “sports bra” doesn’t mean it can keep you from bouncing to the point of getting two black eyes. 

I guess they still make the sport bra that was known for making you look like you have a uniboob or better yet like you have a watermelon strapped to your chest.  You know, the bra that had only a piece of fabric that went over both breasts and then had elastic at the bottom.  This piece of fabric was supposed to keep the girls supported, but all it did was shove them together, but you still had the bounce problem.  I am very glad to see that now you actually have sport bras that work.  They have separate cups, extra support for those with more to support, and they are actually nice looking bras.  I must admit I haven’t found one yet that will fit me, but I guess they figure when you are as big as I am you have no intention of running or jumping anywhere any time soon.  I mean maybe I want to go for a jog or play an exciting game of volleyball or even dribble a ball around on a basketball course, okay I am just being silly, but you never know.  I now have a titanium left knee… I mean doesn’t that put me in the same class as Bgoldfishionic Woman?  No, oh well, at least I can set of metal detectors with just my knee…LOL….  I guess my point is most women who work out really need to take a second look at what they are wearing when it comes to the girls.  You might be high and perky now, but give it a few years and when you take your bra off you lose your waist and sag to your knees…  just thought you would like to know…. till next time.

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