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What has happened to the ice tray? Do you remember years ago when you had to use those metal trays that you could really do damage to yourself with? They just looked dangerous with those handles and moving metal parts. They were so sturdy you could pass them down to your grandkids and they would still be working. It wasn’t that many years ago when even the plastic ice trays were made of a material that after a year they were still working.  Have you tried using some of the new ice trays you get at the big box stores or the dollar stores? They are horrible. I figured this out about three weeks ago when my automatic ice maker in my refrigerator decided to quit. In three weeks I went through eight plastic ice trays. It wasn’t because I lost them or didn’t need them – the problem was they got brittle and within two weeks I was finding pieces of plastic in my drinks. I finally gave up and bought a new ice maker, but guess what, it isn’t working either. I have looked at videos on YouTube, searched Google, and read several appliance sites, but still have no idea why my new ice maker will not work. I think it has to do with needing a new wire harness, but who knows. I get to call the company I got it from I guess and see what they can tell me.

The point though of this post is I cannot believe how fast I was able to break every single ice tray I bought just three weeks ago. I didn’t step on them or bang them on the counter or any number of other fun things I could have done, I would be twisting them to pop the ice and instead of twisting they split in half. I know they were cheap, but since when does a low price mean getting maybe one week of use from an item before it ends up in the trash can? I know there are people who do not have ice makers in their refrigerators and have to depend on ice trays. I think it would almost be cheaper to go to a convenience store or such and buy a bag of ice every few days then the cost of having to keep buying ice trays. I guess I am old enough to remember when you bought something it would last no matter whether you got the cheap model or the most expensive. Appliances lasted for a good 10 years before they started having issues, which the clothes washer I have now has made horrible noises since it was a month out of warranty. I just keep using it until it finally decides to quit. I just have to close the door to the utility room.

I remember buying a used washer in the 1980s that lasted me for over 12 years. At what point did everything become so disposable? When did our standards go down so low that we accept poorly put together items and don’t question when the item breaks within months. Our cars don’t even last as long as they used to. We drove our 1978 Chevy pickup for over 300,000 miles, of course we had to replace the engine, but that truck was an absolute workhorse. If you happen to sew and remember the Singer machines in the 1970s and 1980s, I am sure you have noticed how they are all plastic now. What they call heavy-duty now used to be the low-end starter machine. There isn’t any metal in them. They throw bobbins at you, make bird nests with the thread that you have to get all your tools out to get loose, and within a couple of months they have to go back to the store to be repaired. I just do not get it. I guess we have become such a disposable society that we basically expect to have to replace stuff every couple of years, so if it lasts that long we are happy, which is just crazy.

I have never been one of those people who needs the fastest or the newest or the best, I normally wait for the new model to come out and then buy the older model that is now a fraction of the cost. It might not do as much or be as fast, but it still does what I want it to. Oh well, apparently I am in the minority, as I just don’t see people on YouTube or Facebook complaining about how poor the quality is on products and how we need to boycott or complain or start a petition to improve the quality of our items, but over 100,000 people signed a petition to send Justin Bieber back to Canada, so can you explain that one to me? Oh well, I guess the old saying you get what you pay for doesn’t really mean what it used to. Until next time…


ImageFor years I have been saying I was going to plant a garden, but never did. I guess part of the problem was I have had knee and back issues for years, so the last thing I felt like doing is taking care of a garden where I would have to get down on the ground or have to do a lot of manual labor, as I really didn’t want to spend the next week limping or not being able to get out of bed. This year I decided to try something different – a container garden. I put all the containers where I could easily reach them to tend to the plants and now I have the start of a really nice little garden. I used the soil bag method for my watermelons and pumpkins and all sizes of containers for my cucumbers, summer squash, bush beans, cabbage, lettuce, herbs, carrots and such. I know that once very thing starts growing to a good height I will have to do some thinning out, which means more dirt and containers, but that is fine with me, as I have more control over where they are planted than I would with a regular garden. I also should have a little easier time controlling pests since the plants are elevated and not flat on the ground easy to attack. I know that once it gets hotter and the plants get bigger and start producing veggies I will have to keep a better watch to make sure I don’t have any little buggies or four legged vermin trying to steal my produce. Inside I have my tomatoes, bell peppers, and cauliflower sprouting from seeds, so they will be a while before they can go outside, but when they do I will have new containers to deal with. I did decide to try out that upside down growing container like you see on TV. They were very difficult to use as far as getting your plant through the little hole without breaking off the leaves, but after some twisting and turning of the plant I was able to get the plants where they belong. We will see how they work though. I was supposed to fill the huge container with dirt, but that just seemed like a lot of dirt, so I only filled them up halfway with dirt, so we will see if they work with less dirt. I am hoping to stay organic with the plants, but will have to find out what you can use to keep the bugs away without using chemicals.Image

I am a bit worried though that I will end up with piles of fresh veggies and have no idea what to do with them. I know cucumbers I can make into pickles and tomatoes can be canned also. Not sure how you would store squash and such for the winter. I guess in a cool, dark room? Since I have no idea guess it is time for another Google search or going to the local library and checking out a couple of books on the subject. What did we do before Google? I don’t know how many times a day I look up stuff on Google. We will be having a conversation about something and before you know it I am looking up the answer on Google. I also like Shazam, as I am constantly hearing songs that I either can’t figure out the lyrics, the person singing it, or what the name of the song is. You just push that little blue button and within a few seconds you have all the answers you are looking for. I do get the majority of the information I need from library books, as Goggle only can go so far to explain how to do something, but at the library you can get a book on just about anything, check it out for free, and then return it once you are done. In our area we are able to go online and find the library books we want and then order them to be sent to the location of your choice, which saves a massive amount of time and running around. We also have the ability to check out e-books also. They come in several formats to run on everything from your computer to your smart phone. You have so many days to read them and then check them back in. They also have audio files, so you can listen to your books. I love audio books, as I have read I don’t know how many fiction books while driving down the road. If I had to just sit and read a book I wouldn’t ever finish a book, but I keep an audio book in the car at all times so we can listen while running errands, which is a wonderful thing.

I guess I have gone full circle as far as where I started and then ended up. I am good at chasing rabbits when I write, guess it is from too much TV as a kid, I get distracted easily, oh look – something shiny… till next time.

I found out last week you are now part of this world.  You were born almost two months ago, but through my detective work I found you, even though it was only online.  I wish things were different and I could have been there when you were born.  I could have held your little hand.  You spent several days in the hospital as you wanted to come into this world a bit too early, but now you are happy, healthy and home.  I do know your name, but not much else.  Due to circumstances I have no control over I may never meet you.  This truly hurts my heart, as you are part of me, my blood, my grandchild.  I know I have made many mistakes in this life, some I knew were wrong when I did them, but for the most part I just tried to give my children the best life I could in circumstances that were difficult, and some times just impossible, but I gave all of them my love, my wisdom, and hoped they would be able to go on in this world productive citizens, which they all have.  I guess for one of my children that wasn’t enough and now the communication has been completely shut down and here I sit wondering if I will ever be in your life little one.  If we are never able to meet in person I just wanted to impart some words to you and hope you find out one day that I do love you, even though I may never be allowed to tell you in person.  You really are a lucky little one.  You have two loving parents, who not only love you but each other.  They are very happy together and will show you all the love they can.  I am sure you are not going to want for anything and even if hard times come, I know you have another set of grandparents who are allowed in your life that will give you all the love you could ever need or want.  I hope you inherited my creativity and musical ability and your grandfather’s math and logical ability plus some common sense.  Maybe one day when you are old enough you can come find me, as I will probably be right where I have been the last nine years, in a house that your dad used to live in, so I can tell you in person all the things I wish I could have told you before.  There are so many things in this life I will never understand and this is one of them.  I guess one day when my time comes I will find the answers in Heaven as to what happened and why things turned out this way.  Just know little one that I am here whenever you need me.  I do love you even though I have never met you, as you are part of my family in spirit if not in person.  May your future be bright and you are able to follow your dreams, become whatever it is you want to be, and know that I am behind you in whatever decisions you make.  I may never be there in person, but I will be there in spirit cheering you on in this life.  I wish things were different, but we cannot change people who do not want to change or force ourselves in other people’s lives that do not want us there.  It hurts my heart to not be in your life, but I will respect the wishes of those around you and keep my distance, but I hope you will know that I love you and only wish the best in your life.  My dear little one may you live a long and happy life full of joy, creativity, and riches that only come from a life well lived. 

ImageLocal Libertarian candidates all together in front of a Homeland Security SUV…  libertarians young & old are for freedom & personal responsibility — with (left to right) Quinn Eaker, Edward Colliver, Rocky Palmquist, Robert Harris, and Gene Lord on Saturday, May 3, 2014, at the 2014 Global Marijuana March in Fort Worth, TX.  

Okay, most people who know me would have had a hard time believing I was at the Marijuana March this past Saturday. I truly look like someone’s grandmother, which I am, but I do not cuss or drink, I have never done drugs, and most people just think of me as a laid back person who is not known for my political views or anything that might be controversial. I would think anyone who has been reading my blog for long would realize that I don’t mind speaking my mind and not much is taboo for me to talk about. I mean the majority of my most popular posts have to do with “the girls,” so I couldn’t be too much of a vanilla person, but my spending the day at a Marijuana march was way out of my normal wheelhouse. The main reason I was there is my husband is running for State Senate District 10 here in Texas, so we were helping pass out information for the Libertarian party. I guess it was last year when I took the World’s Smallest Political Quiz and realized I am a Libertarian. I knew I didn’t like the Republicans or Democrats, but never really thought of myself as being a Libertarian. If you want to know where you stand you can go here and take the quiz yourself. The thing is Libertarian believe that no one knows what is best for you and your family than you. You should not have the government telling you what you can and cannot do in your own home. I think one of the best examples of loss of privacy is the whole Donald Sterling and the Clippers fiasco. Since when do you lose everything you have over saying something racist during a private phone call to someone close to you? At what point have we lost the right to speak freely how we feel when talking privately to a friend? I could understand the situation if he was at a press conference and made the racist comments in front of the cameras, but he was in a situation where he thought he was safe to say what he feels, but later finds out he was not. How many of us have said things in private that would be taken as racist or politically wrong in our own homes. I mean if some of the things I have said about certain people in office were broadcast out to the world I would probably have a visit from the Secret Service, but it is my right to speak freely to my closest relatives and friends.  We are in America aren’t we?

I guess one of the things that really upsets me is how many people thought that everyone at the march was a pothead who just wants it legalized so they can just sit around all day and smoke. You saw all types of people there from elderly woman with her diabetes service dog in a wheelchair just wanting marijuana legalized so she can feel better to young ones who probably just want to smoke all day, but the majority of those you talked to want it legalized for a medical alternative first and if we can get it passed as legal across the board that would just be an added bonus. A person does not have to partake to believe in a cause. I know many people who need marijuana for medical reasons. Some have cancer, others have PTSD, and others have chronic pain, depression, and many other medical and mental conditions that are helped by the use of a God given natural plant. Instead, they have to rely on drugs that have side effects that are worse than the disease itself. A person should not be denied the ability to take a substance that has been proven again and again to help. I personally would probably try it for my chronic pain syndrome and depression, but I never know when I might have to pee in a cup and I am just not comfortable breaking the law. The thing is medical marijuana patients should not have to live in fear of the police breaking down their door because they are using a minimal amount of marijuana so they can actually feel better and become productive citizens again. I just wish that more people would open up their ears and truly hear what we are trying to tell them. So many people I talk to are like I don’t care if it is legal it will never be in my house or they are just a bunch of pot heads and if marijuana helped as much as we say it would be legal and other comments that show they either have not done their research or don’t care to know the truth. I guess one of my favorite movie sayings is, “You can’t handle the truth,” because most people cannot. They say they want change, but in reality they fight it tooth and nail.

I do believe if more people would get past their biases about marijuana and really started doing their research, listening to the children and adults who need it for medical reasons, and get past the point of it is just a bunch of pot heads wanting to get high, I do believe in Texas within the next couple of years medical marijuana will be legal, but it is going to take our registered voters to start contacting our Senators and Representatives and telling them we are ready for change, we want it legal, and now is the time to make this right. Till next time…

Our first three weeks on Paleo ended up being an epic failure. I don’t guess it was that bad, but it was not good. The first week we were doing okay, other than one night making nut butter I was cleaning the chopping blade on my new food processor and tried to slice the tip of my thumb off. The silly cut bled off and on for three days and finally healed. I was able to have a lot of items prepared and ready so we could just pull what we needed, prepare the meal and then eat. I didn’t think I was going too high on the amount of dark green veggies, as husband is on Warfarin (a blood thinner for atrial fibrillation) and he has to have his INR stay between 2 and 3. By the second weekend hubbie wasn’t feeling well and I ended up taking him to the ER. It ended up that he was being over medicated with all his blood pressure and heart pills, as he used to not be very compliant so they kept adding on medication, so when he started taking everything like they were prescribed for over a month his blood pressure had gotten too low. While we were at the hospital for the extremely low blood pressure it ends up his INR was only 1.5, which is too low. He ended up staying in the hospital for almost a week and between going up to see him, working, and everything else it was just easier to pick up something at the fast food places near my house. This knocked me completely off as far as my first 30 days of Paleo. What was interesting is that I had really started noticing some changes in my body from only being on the Paleo plan for a little over a week. I have a terrible time with my left ankle swelling up so big you could not tell it from my calf, so I had what we call a “cankle.” I heard that once in a movie or such and it just stuck with me. The week I went back on fast food and not eating right my leg started swelling again. The left side is the knee I had my knee replacement on, so the circulation isn’t great on that side anyway, but I guess from all the extra salt and such I started retaining water and so the swelling came back. I also found that I had a bit more energy, was staying awake better during the day, and other little changes that weren’t huge changes, but enough that once I got off the meal plan I could actually tell it. So, I have spent the past few days going back through the cookbooks, grocery lists, and such so we can start over again. I have now told the doctors what we are doing as far as adding a lot of vegetables that contain Vitamin K (this works against the blood thinner) and now we are going to watch his INR level to make any necessary changes so he can start eating better, but not worry about going in the hospital again. The one thing I have to add into the mix is exercise. I gave up on going to gym, as I paid for a whole year to one of the local fitness chains and never went, but then I am not doing really well using my either. I just cannot get myself motivated. I think my motivation now will be I have booked our 35th wedding anniversary cruise in November and remembering my issues getting around the ship last year is going to help in motivating me to get moving so I can enjoy the trip without having to sit down every little bit just trying to get around the ship. I guess if I would just get up and use the treadmill a minimum of 10 minutes per day that would make a big difference, as I would be moving and getting my cardio up, which is how you make muscles to help burn calories. I think the fact that I know how out of shape I am is one of the factors stopping me, as I know with my fibromyalgia and chronic pain syndrome it doesn’t take much to make me hurt to the point I just want to go to bed, but exercising also helps with the symptoms of both conditions, so it is kind of a Catch-22 situation, in that it hurts to start, but then you will get to feel better after a while, but trying to keep yourself going until you feel better is a very hard road to go down. I do know that it is worth trying this change in lifestyle again, as there were enough small changes to show it was working. I guess like anything it takes 30 days to form a habit, so here we go again. Till next time…

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