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For the last few days I have been getting the kitchen ready for the diet/lifestyle change we are getting ready to go through and I’m so tired. Sunday we cleaned the pantry and cabinets to get everything organized and all the “bad” food out of the house. Monday night we went grocery shopping and after two hours and two stores we finally made it home with sacks upon sacks of food that then needed separated and put up. Last evening I then prepared, peeled, cut, chopped, and packaged all the veggies we bought the night before. Talk about a lot of work. We now have sliced carrots, celery, tomatoes and chopped onions, green onions, leeks, and such. My refrigerator looks so organized. By the first of next week the food processor I ordered from Amazon will be here and then I can start making my own mayo, ketchup, and dressings. The main thing I need to do now is go through my cookbooks I obtained from the library and make a go to list of recipes so I can make sure we have no excuses not to eat the right stuff instead of running out and eating quick things that aren’t on any diet in the world. I know my hubbie used to tell me that Fritos and bean dip were part of the four food groups. I told him there is no food group in any part of the world that Fritos are a part of. Oh well, to each their own.

We shall see how this goImagees. I think now that we have gotten rid of most of the bad stuff in the house it should be easier to make this work. The one component of this whole change is the part where I need to start exercising is the hardest part. Earlier today I ended up having to park across the street from a place I was going to. It wasn’t that far of a walk, but I had to cross a six lane road and walk about a block. By the time I got to where I was going I thought I was going to pass out. I was wheezing and having to catch my breath. I mean that is pretty pathetic, but it also does not inspire a person to want to exercise when they know after a few minutes they are going to be breathing so hard their chest hurts. I understand that I have to start somewhere, anywhere, but I have to start somewhere. As the old saying goes a 1000 mile walk starts with one step or how do you eat an elephant? One bite at a time. Not sure which of those sounds better, but you get the hint.

I wish I had known years ago when I was in shape and thin that I needed to stay that way. I used to ride my bike 10 miles per day, ice skate a full two hour session, played goalie in a boy’s hockey league, but at some point after the three kids and life I just gave up trying to work out and just let the weight take over. I wish someone had shown me or somehow I could have had a look into the future to see how out of shape I would become. I’m not sure if that would have really worked, as people are told everyday they need to change this, or keep doing this, or any other amount of good advice and never take it. We think we are young and invincible and we are never going to get old, but guess what we do. Gravity causes the “girls” to droop, the stomach to flab, and the muscles to get soft. One of my husband’s friends is in his early 50s and every week he rides, swims, and runs miles to stay in shape for the Marathon Man and other sports events he competes in. There is a lady I went to high school with who just turned 50 and about a year ago she won her first fitness/body building competition. The thing is you can’t really use the excuse that once you get to a certain age the body goes to crap and you might as well get ready for it. The thing is if you stayed in shape you will still be in shape when you get older. If like most of us you let yourself get out of shape you can still get back in shape no matter what our age. You might not be running marathons or training for the Olympics, but you can get to where you can walk five miles a day, swim laps, or whatever it is you want to do, but it is possible.

I am sure some of us are saying well we have a knee replacement or I have a bad hip or my back hurts, you just have to make changes to your work out to keep from injuring your bad joint or your inability to do certain things. One of the best things for anyone is water aerobics, as you do not have the impact on the joints, but you are still getting the resistance to build strength, but you do have to go out in public in a swimsuit unless you own your own pool. I do know that you do not have to run out and get a gym membership unless you just want to, as just walking around your neighborhood or joining the website will give you a good enough workout to get in shape. My problem is I work from home, so if I have to get dressed to just go to the gym I’m not going to do it. I know this and no matter how many times I told myself I was going to do something different it never happened. I ended up paying for a gym membership for a year and never went. I finally called and cancelled it and joined and now I can watch my computer or use my Chromecast and stream it through my big TV, but I can just get up and move and once I’m done I can pass out on the bed, which is probably what will happen.

I guess I will stop rambling on this subject and tie up all my ends, cage all the rabbits I’ve been chasing, and put this blog to rest. If you couldn’t tell this post is as much for me as it is for anyone else. Interesting how we suggest to others what they should do when we are really talking to ourselves. I guess we need to feel like we are talking to someone else as if we sat and talked to ourselves someone might think we need to go to the psych floor of the nearest hospital. Till next time…


Today I completely cleaned the kitchen.  I went through my pantry and emptied it of everything that had sugar, wheat, or beans.  We are talking about most of my pantry.  The reason for this is after years of being in chronic pain, having stomach issues, and generally feeling like crap we are changing our lifestyle.  We are going to try the Paleo 30 day challenge.  This type of lifestyle means basically eating lean meats, good vegetables and fruits, and good fats with several types of flours that you can use to make baked goods without gluten.  I admit, I am the biggest carbo-addict there is.  I love my cookies, Mexican food, etc. I also stress eat, so the first thing I go for is carbs.  I eat this stuff then wonder why my stomach is upset or I have to run to the bathroom.  I have joint pains and have had for years.  My hope is that changing the way I eat will help fix some of the issues my years of doing what I want has screwed up.  I know there are certain parts of my body that arthritis has tore up, mainly my knees and low back, but starting to put good things in my body maybe it will stop any more issues.  All I can do is try it.  I have been eating the way I want for years now and it really hasn’t been working well, so maybe it is time to make a change so I can enjoy my later years.  Just a thought.

pantry pantry2

As far as paying it forward.  I had a pantry full of pasta, beans, sauces, soup mixes, etc. that were very good, but not on my list of good foods.  So, today we did a spring cleaning of my pantry.  We just started packing up any food that had more than five ingredients (it could have a few more ingredients, but they all had to be spices or something natural).  I also started packing anything with sugar, no matter what the name was.  It gets kind of confusing as to what is a sugar and what isn’t.  Sugar comes in so many different forms and names you almost have to be a chemist to understand what is in our food.  So, any label I couldn’t read half the ingredients in it went into the box.  I went from a very full pantry to a measly two shelves that were half full.  After the initial shock I felt good about the clean up.  I now have boxes of food to give to people who need it, I have cleaned my house of all the bad foods as far as my diet is concerned, and I really feel like this is a new start.  A step towards getting healthier and feeling  better.  I do need to lose weight, a lot of weight, but that isn’t the main reason for the change.  The reason for the change is to feel better, if the weight comes off in the process that is just a bonus.  Do you know how bad it feels to try to walk around the grocery store and having to stop every little bit because your back is spasming or your feet hurt or a number of other reasons.  I hope to take another cruise later this year, but if I am in the same shape I was last year, there is no reason to even go.  I couldn’t walk from the ship to the ports, I couldn’t walk the ship, I was just miserable.  The  cruise was great, but I would have enjoyed it so much more if I had been able to get around and really enjoy all the cruise had to offer.  I used to love to swim, but now I just will not go out in public in a swimsuit.  I look at others who really do look worse or about the same as I do, but I just remember what I looked like 20+ years ago and what I look like now, and I just cannot do it.  I know that is dumb, as water aerobics is the best thing you can do if you have joint issues, but I guess it is time I just get over it.

I decided that all the food that was packaged up needed to go to a family in need, so we started calling people we knew.  We found a group that could really use it and would feed others with them, plus a couple of families that will put the food to good use also.  I figured that if I give to others then I will be building up good karma for when I am in need.  I know over the years people have been put in my path to help me in a time of need, so I hope that I will be put in the path of someone in need that I can help now.  Even though there are days when I am trying to figure out the budget, working a job I really do not like,  if I sit down and really look at it we are so richly blessed.  We have a nice home, car to drive, pantry full of food (well did – ;o)), and clothes to wear.  Yes, there are things I would love to have, but I am not in need of anything, which I am very happy for.  I know there are others out there who are in dire need.  They are suffering from bad health, loss of income, abuse, or a number of other things and could use a miracle.  I have to say at this point in my life I am not in dire need of a miracle, at least not at this time, so while I have it I need to pay it forward, be a blessing to others, and not be stingy with what I have, as it can all go away at any time, which has happened at least twice in my life.  When my husband stroked September 11, 1996, and within five months lost two cars, one repossessed on Christmas Eve, our home, and were down to our last dime, so I understand complete loss.  I hope I never have to experience that again, but life is funny that way, you just never know when things will change, when your life will be turned over, and having someone come up to you and offer you exactly what you need is a blessing you will never forget.

I didn’t mean to go on this long, but sometimes we just need to take time to say how blessed we really are, what we are glad for, and tell people what you really think they need to hear.  Till next time…

For the past several years I have obtained my health care from a county program that based what you pay per what you make.  Every year I had to re-certify and then for the next year I knew exactly what I was going to pay per  visit or procedure.  Earlier this year I was informed that if I qualified for Obamacare I would have to pick a plan and then they would become my secondary insurance to help with the extremely high co-pays and deductibles.  I wasn’t overly thrilled about this to begin with, as I would now have a monthly payment Obamacarethat I didn’t have before, and I also had to contend with who was covering what.  I went ahead and signed up for an insurance plan, but after the fact I found out that I picked an HMO instead of a PPO, which the county was covered by, so when I went online to try to fix my mistake I had nothing but issues.  Every time I tried to change my program I would get to the last page and it would error out.  I then tried to call customer service and the first time I called I never got through, the second time I called I was on hold for 45 minutes and when I finally talked to someone who could help me half way through the call the phone disconnected and she did not call me back.  I tried again to call, but then this time I was told there was such a traffic jam of people trying to call I had to leave a call back number and they would call me within the week.  For the next week I received two more calls from Obamacare stating that first off they would call within the week, but then received a second call that I was to call customer care again and tell them about the phone call I received.  Here I am now with this insurance plan that does not include my doctor or the county health facility, so I am stuck for this next year unable to see my regular doctor or go to the facility that has over five years of my health records.  I know I can approve for the records to be forwarded to the new doctor, but then I have this very limited list of doctors I can even go see and still have to deal with these ridiculous deductibles and co-pays, which I could not afford in the first place, but I either did that or have no health care at all.  Tell me, does this make any sense?

I went from a having a program that had its problems, i.e. long waits, hard to see specialists, limited services, but I always received good care and knew whatever happened I would be covered.  I now am stuck in a plan that I did not want, cannot afford, but this is supposed to be the better choice.  You know that “change” we were told about back in 2008?  How is that working for us?  In my world it isn’t working at all.  I never voted for Obama and tried to talk everyone out of voting for him, as we are now reaping the bad tidings of what he has sown.  I have watched my profession go from something that you used to make a good living at to where now I could probably make more flipping burgers some where.  I have been a medical transcriptionist since 2001 and between outsourcing to India, voice recognition, and Electronic Medical Records imposed by Obama, I am quickly becoming a dinosaur in my profession.  I am 52 and really have no desire to go back to school to learn a new skill to work for bosses who are the age of my kids.  I just don’t find that very attractive, but I am finding out that it is time to rethink my career choice.  For those who do not realize because of Obamacare all hospitals and medical clinics are mandated to go to EMR (Electronic Medical Records) or they would lose their funding.  They were offered incentives to do this before the deadline, so you either did it within the time frame and was given the money to do it, or you didn’t take the money, paid a bunch of fines, and still had to implement the program.  Have you wondered why your doctors are not accepting new patients on certain plans, why you have to see a hospitalist instead of your primary care seeing you in a hospital, why your co-pays are going up with less service, etc., all you have to do is start doing some research on your own to see that all of this is rooted in Obamacare.  What supposedly was to help the American people is actually hurting them.  The only thing I agree with is that you should be able to have health insurance no matter what your preexisting condition is, but that could have been accomplished in another way without the government getting involved with something as screwed up as Obamacare.  This is just one facet in a long line of issues our current president has caused, but that is for another post.  Till next time…

ImageThirteen years ago this month my husband and I were driving down the road toward Granbury, Texas, and saw a lady selling Chihuahua puppies.  I said I wanted to go and hubbie wasn’t thrilled, but said okay.  On that day I bought this little brown and tan Chihuahua that I named Lady and she was with us until today.  She brought us years of love, laughs, and litters of puppies that went to wonderful homes, but today her life came to an end.  A few months ago we were told she had cancer.  It was a mass near the bowels and would eventually get big enough to cause her not to be able to have a bowel movement.  About a month after that I noticed what looked like pebbles under the skin of her mammary glands, which meant she now had mammary cancer.  She was doing okay up until this week.  Well, I guess I should back up and give a little history.  After the vet told us she had cancer, we decided that treatment for this type of cancer was only palliative and really would not make a difference.  I made a promise to Lady that day that she would not have to suffer.  When the day came that I knew she was miserable and the time was right I would take her to the vet and let them put her to sleep.  That day came today.  I had wondered for the past couple of months when I would know it was time.  I mean you don’t want to do it too early, and cut her life too short, but then you also do not want to wait so long that the poor thing is suffering, but it ends up I knew when it was time.  I could tell that if we waited any longer I would break my promise to Lady, which I had no intention of doing.

I have to admit I spent most of the day crying, which some people may find weird, as it was just a “dog,” but what some people don’t understand is a pet can be closer than your own children or blood relatives.  They give you unconditional love no matter what you do to them.  I wasn’t the greatest pet mamma, but I made sure she had a full tummy, a nice place to sleep, and got lots of love.  She always met me at the door when I came home, had to sleep with me at night, and when I had a migraine or was hurting she would come and cuddle with me in bed, how many relatives and friends show a person that much love other than a spouse or possibly a child?  The difference is you pet for the most part will not talk back, will be completely loyal, and be happy for whatever attention you show them.  The thing is our pets have a way of taking a piece of our heart when they go to the “Rainbow Bridge” and those who do not have a special pet will never understand.

Lady will definitely be in our hears and minds for years to come.  I have two of her children still with me, Speedy and Sassy (my little 2 pound girl my businesses are named after), so we aren’t left alone, but it will just never be the same.  I am so glad I stopped and bought her 13 years ago, as I am sure my life would not have been the same without her.  We love you Lady and know you are in a better place with no pain chasing squirrels through the fields.  Till next time…

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