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artsyattacocEarlier this evening hubbie and I were eating at Taco Cabana on one of those Two Can Eat for $9.99 coupons.  I try to always eat at places I have a coupon for.  I had finished my dinner and had this square of foil that I decided to see if I could make a person out of.  I know, it’s kind of lame, but I guess I am easily amused.  I ended up with the little guy you see in the picture.  I couldn’t get his center of gravity right, so he would not stand up without help, but I think he turned out kind of cute.  If I had a second piece of foil I probably could have turned it into a girl with a dress, hair, and a bustline, but instead I only had enough to make a guy.  I guess the point of this post is no matter where you are or what you are doing you can do something creative.  I have borrowed my granddaughter’s crayons at dinner and drew pictures on the paper placements or built sculptures with the left over trash on the table at the restaurant.  You don’t have to paint a masterpiece or write the great American novel to be creative or artistic, you just have to see art in items that others just see the purpose the items were made for.  When watching the TV or a movie think of alternative endings, changes in the script, or just a new name or look for the characters…that could help you when you go to write your own novel. When looking at everyday items contemplate on what you could turn them into…re-purpose or recycle…  it could be as simple as playing the “What If” game in any part of your life.  Just a thought…. till next time…


girl317c Last year I had started the face in a day project.  I got about halfway through then went on our first cruise ever and ended up getting off track.  For those of you who were following that whole thread I am still working on my faces, as they are a part of a doll making book I am working on.  I thought I would go ahead and post a couple of my recent drawings.  You know they say you have to do something every day for 30 days until it becomes a habit, which apparently is true, as the time between my drawings seems to be getting farther and farther apart.  It may be due to other projects I am working on that are taking my time.  One of my goals in 2014 was starting to write fiction.  I have been trying to write fiction now for over a year, but for some reason I find all sorts of things to keep me from starting.  I’m not sure what is holding me back.  I have started to ask myself what is the problem?  Why can you not sit down and start writing?  I still have not figured out the answers to the questions.

You know many people think they have the fear of failure when they really have the fear of success.  Not sure that applies here, but more of a sense of perfectionism.  One of those things where I hate to mess things up, don’t want to draw something awful, write something unintelligible, make a doodle that looks stupid, who knows.  Maybe it is from years of hearing you aren’t good enough, you will just mess it up, you never finish anything, or my years of fighting with depression, who knows.  I must say I don’t.  There are so many creative people out there who hide their talent because thgirlpicture317ey either think people will laugh at it, say something negative, or just not get the response they had hoped for.  It is easier not to do something than to it and then have to live with the response.  How many people do you know who say they want to do this or that but never do it?  They have books on how to do so many things, but never put them to use.  Have you ever known someone that after they passed their loved ones found half written books, art supplies but no pictures, business plans but no businesses, etc?  I think all of us have something in our lives we have always wanted to do, but for different reasons have not done them yet.  Maybe 2014 should be the year that you pick one of those things and actually start doing it, who knows what you may end up with; all you have to do is start… till next time…

crumbsincleavageI am not known for wearing low cut shirts, if anything I am very modest.  It is kind of a twofold thing, i.e. my bras ride too high in the front to wear low cut shirts and I am over 50 and don’t think they really need to be out in the open like that.  With that said, I have such an issue with crumbs in my cleavage.  I can be wearing a fairly high cut shirt and still will end up with crumbs in my cleavage.  I have no idea why, it is like there is a magnet there that forces any crumbs that fall to go right into my bra.  I mean we are talking everything from popcorn to French fries or whatever else feels the need to fall in my bra.  I guess my question is what is the proper etiquette for taking care of the problem?  I mean some things are okay staying there until you have a reason to get up and go to the bathroom, but what do you do when the piece of food is big enough that anyone who looks can see it?  Do you kind of hide the cleavage with a napkin and then secretly pull the item out?  Do you just look down and dig the item out and act like nothing happened.  Do you look around and make sure no one is looking and then retrieve the item?  I am not sure what is proper.  I mean I don’t want to do something that is going to cause even more attention to my bust, but then I also don’t want people to see this stuff sticking out of my bra, so who knows.  I normally just take a napkin or whatever and just clean up the mess and if someone is looking I just give them a smile and they normally just look away.  I can’t help it that there is this stupid magnet in my bra that attracts anything that falls when I am trying to eat.  I mean guys don’t have this problem.  They norhairyboobsmally just end up with spots on their shirts where the item fell and then rolls off onto the floor for the dog to eat.  If someone sees that happen they normally get a laugh out of it or just go back to what they are doing, but when you replace a guy’s stomach with a girl’s boobs, well it is time to gawk and drool over the situation as they might get to see a little extra cleavage.  Goodness, makes a person want to start wearing turtlenecks, but the crumb magnet would probably figure out some way to get crumbs into my bra for later anyway.  Till next time….

Several years ago for Christmas, or was it Mother’s Day, my three children got together and ordered me a mothImageers ring.  You know the one that has three stones for the three children that are their birth stones.  It is a very pretty ring and I have worn it ever since they gave it to me.  I am not much into jewelry, but that was special, so I never took it off.  I really never thought much about it, as I had worn it for so long, but the other day I had to finally take it off.  Well, let me backtrack a bit and explain.  Of those who have read my blog for some time you know that my youngest son and I are estranged and have been for over 2-1/2 years.  It was a conglomeration of several things, but he cut ties, not me.  Well last Christmas I finally got tired of the silence and made contact, big mistake.  The situation is now worse than it was, but I must say instead of being hurt and depressed by the situation, I am just mad now.  I, who does not cuss, must say I am quite pissed over the situation.  I printed out all the emails back and forth between us and asked a couple of close friends what they thought and the consensus was step back and let the air clear, as there is too much anger on his end to make any progress.  I took their advice, as I have apologized for everything he thinks I did wrong while he was growing up, but still to this day do not understand where the anger is coming from.

Well, getting back to the ring.  When the situation just upset me, I would look at the ring and feel like one day he will be back in my life and all will be well.  I know, I was delusional, but that was how I felt.  Now, looking at the ring day in and day out just made me mad.  I couldn’t help it.  I finally told my husband I was going to quit wearing it, of course he didn’t quite understand, so tried to explain it as best I could.  I understand that I have two other children who are very much in my life, and I love very much, but when looking at the ring I saw all three, not just the two stones of those children.  I mean I guess I could go and get the stone taken out, but then that doesn’t seem right either.  The thing is I have finally gotten over the whole situation with my son.  I just don’t care any more at this point, as I cannot fix this one, so I need to stop beating myself up trying.  The problem comes in though when I look at that hand off and on all day as I make my money typing, so it is like this glaring reminder of a situation that has just gotten out of hand and at this point I do not have much faith that it will fix. 

My hubbie understands now how I feel and we decided it was time for me to buy a new ring.  I was going to see about a ring with my granddaughter’s birthstone in it, but then I was online and saw this beautiful One Love ring that had a heart shaped diamond and a heart shaped garnet wrapped around each other with my name and my husband’s engraved on the front with One Love engraved inside.  The cool thing is the garnet is my husband’s birthstone, so I knew that was the best ring to replace the other.  I have found a curio box to keep my mother’s ring in and maybe some day it will come back out and be worn again, but right now it is where it belongs.  I mean I haven’t lost complete hope that the situation will be resolved, but we cannot live our lives depending on the actions of another person, as the only person we can truly change is ourselves.  Till next time…

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