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Earlier today WordPress sent me a report of 2013 statistics and guess what the most popular posts were?  “The Girls.”  I guess that shouldn’t surprise me, as that seems to be a topic that affects or perks the attention of men and women.  Guys seemed to be obsessed over them and women are either trying to find comfortable bras, figuring out how to make them bigger or smaller, or lamenting over the fact that thImageey are hanging lower and lower.  I mean when you have to worry about burning your boobie when pulling hot food out of your top double oven, you know they are starting to hanging pretty low, not that I have any experience with the latter statement. 

I still to this day have no idea what the big obsession is with boobies.  I mean you could ask just about any man on the planet what they like to look at and they would say bobbies.  Places like Hooters, Twin Peaks, and Tilted Kilt wouldn’t be as popular as they are if the girls we wearing bulky shirts and were flat chested.  I have known of several girls who have had boob jobs because the bigger the boobs the bigger the tips… Kind of sad, but just proves the point that guys like “the girls” and if you shove them in their face they will probably follow you anywhere, not that I have any experience with that either…. LOL…

What is funny is when you ask women what the best part of a man is you will get as many answers as there are women you are asking.  They will say anything from butt, chest, face, full body, size of the junk, etc., but there is nowhere near the popularity of one body part among women as there is with men.  Sure, there are some guys out there who say they aren’t into boobies, but they are either gay, strange, or just plain lying…  In my opinion… for what that is worth. 

So what is coming up in 2014?  Not really sure.  I might decide to become more political or serious with this blog or I might decide to start try my skills at being a comedian, which I do not think will work very well, or I could just keep rambling about whatever my eclectic mind decides to write about and just keep things going the way they are.  I hope everyone of you have a prosperous, blessed, and wonderful 2014 and please keep coming to my blog and see what I am rambling about that day… till next time, well next year…


The stats helper monkeys prepared a 2013 annual report for this blog.

Here’s an excerpt:

A San Francisco cable car holds 60 people. This blog was viewed about 3,000 times in 2013. If it were a cable car, it would take about 50 trips to carry that many people.

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Here we are another Christmas. For some reason it absolutely does not feel like that time of the year. I guess I didn’t believe people when they said the older you get the faster time flies, and I guess I am to that age. The year 2013 has come and gone and I really at this point have no idea where it went. I mean I remember several firsts this year. I hooked my first rug and my second rug placed third in the Texas State Fair. We went on our first cruise. I finally am paid hourly instead of being a production typist. I am still an independent contractor, but do not have to worry any longer about making quotas and my wrists hurting. I mean 2013 wasn’t the greatest year for us, but it definitely was better than the year before, and I know that 2014 is going to be even better. Like the guy at Jack in the Box I ordered my breakfast from the other day said, “Every day you wake up breathing is a good day.” I must admit the day he told me that I told him he was nuts, but then the more I think about it he was right.

I guess the point I am trying to make here is now that Christmas is here we only have a week until the new year. It is time to sit down and make goals for the upcoming year. I do not mean resolutions, as those are just statements of what you would like to happen in 2014. You need to sit down and make a plan of what you want to accomplish next year. Just saying you want to lose weight or get in shape or make so much money are not goals. Goals are tangible things you can follow. If set up properly you have set an exact time line of what you plan to accomplish, how many days it will take, and you know where you want to end up. Of course these need to be obtainable goals. I mean we all know that losing 50 pounds in month is not a goal that is smart or accomplished in a healthy manner. Now saying you plan to lose 30 pounds in five months by changing your diet, working out so many times per week, and keeping a journal every step of the way means that you are setting yourself to truly accomplish your goal, not setting yourself up to fail.

The best thing I found to bring 2013 to a close and preparing for 2014 is the Leonie Dawson 2014 CREATE YOUR AMAZING YEAR WORKBO3D-Combo-PackOK, PLANNER + CALENDAR:LIFE AND BUSINESS EDITIONS at or click image. There is a life and a business edition. I am slowly going through my life edition and it has really helped me to see what I am really wanting to do in 2014. It is interesting the things you learn about yourself when you start working on the exercises in this workbook. I do not normally push anything on this blog as far selling something, but this workbook actually is working for me and that says a lot. I am the person who has no idea how to set goals or even figure out what I want to do, but I feel like 2014 is definitely going to be different. I have both editions, as I am wanting to expand my business, but also accomplish certain milestones in my life, as I sure am not getting any younger. I do wish a profitable and prosperous 2014 to all my readers. Till next time…


This is the second book in my embroidery motif series.  You can check it out at  I love the fiber arts and that includes hand embroidery.  When I started learning how to hand embroider I started looking for nice flower motifs and had a hard time finding them.  In my quest for artwork to use in my designs I decided to put together a book of them –  These motifs are not just for embroidery, but would work well for any type of project from painted birdhouses to applique… They are both Kindle eBooks at this point, but have plans to also make them into a print book… till next time…

Of course I could go on about the commercialism of Christmas or the people running over each other and causing riots on Black Friday, but that really isn’t a big thing for me. We quit doing the gift giving years ago except for my little granddaughter, so I don’t get mixed up in that mess. My issue comes up when I think about the family coming together and that is where the problem comes in. I have spent the past couple of weeks fighting myself about whether to write this post or not, but I have tried to be real with my posts. Some people might say I share too much, but I know if I am going through something there are many others out there going through the same thing or even harder situations. The problem started during Thanksgiving week. One of my kids decided to offer an olive branch to the estranged brother (by his choice for over 2-1/2 years) so we could have a true family Thanksgiving. My daughter jumped on the bandwagon and called her brother and left a message. Neither of them received any type of response, good or bad. I also found out the same week that my wayward son not only had gotten a wonderful job but also bought a house. It is like life is moving on with him and I will never be able to ever catch up with it. I guess what hurts is how is it so easy for him to forget me and go on with his life. How do you just completely ignore your family? I admit I had a rocky relationship with my parents most of my life, but I never completely turned my back on them. We had a problem, didn’t talk for a while, but I always made sure I made the effort to bring the family back together, no matter how much I didn’t want to, it was just the right thing to do. I do have to say that we had a nice small Thanksgiving with my two kids, hubbie, my dad, and my granddaughter, and I am happy we were able to have that time together.

I guess I understand why the suicide rate goes up during the holidays. You watch these happy families on TV, in movies, and watching your neighbors and friends having these wonderful family get togethers. The problem comes in when you have to look at your life and family and wonder what did you do wrong with your family. The thing is we probably did the best we could in the situation and the other person just didn’t see it that way. The one thing I had to fight through is not letting the depression set in, as I could not go back to where I was a year ago. I fell so deep into depression I absolutely could not function. I couldn’t work. I was no use to anyone. It took months to get past it and now I like being able to pay my bills, creating my art, and enjoying living in my own skin. I finally had to come to grips with the fact that I cannot make someone talk to me that doesn’t want to. I am sure he has good reasons for his turning his back on me and there is nothing I can do to change that. I just know I was the best mother I could be through some very difficult situations that I wouldn’t wish on my worst enemy. The thing is it really hurts deep. People ask why I let it bother me, I don’t know how to explain it but the pain cuts deep and hurts for a long time. I hope some day he decides it is time to offer us an olive branch and ask to come back in our lives, but if not I can live with that also. I can’t say it won’t hurt, but that is one thing God gave us all – free will – we all have the ability to make choices and decisions that affect our lives. No matter how much we think we can change someone, unless they want to be changed you might as well save your energy. I must admit that getting through December is going to be difficult, but I just have to keep my focus on the family I do have, the blessings in my life, and continue to use the talents God gave me and move on. I hope anyone else out there who is having a hard time getting through this time of year remember you are not alone… I would love your emails or comments and hope my rambling has helped… till next time…

p.s.  Here are a couple of my face drawing done last week.  I really like the girl with the flowers.  The other one isn’t bad, but she does have some issues, oh well…


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