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ImageIn my drawing today I was trying a different angle face than I normally do.  I have kind of figured out the straight front view, but when you start putting an angle in the face I start having problems.  Trying to get depth and angles takes a lot of practice.  When making dolls I don’t have to worry about what angle the face is turned, as they are always looking forward and on some of the dolls I have needle sculpted noses, mouths, and eyes, so I am basically giving detail to what is already there.  At least my faces look kind of human…LOL…

Well, today is Halloween.  We used to get really into making sure we had costumes and such, but then we were in church for 15 years and the type of churches we went to did not celebrate Halloween because it was considered “evil” or “of the devil.”  To this point I now disagree.  I understand that if you look at the history of the day that it does have ties to different religions, several that do not believe in Jesus, but banning the kids from going to parties and such because the devil is going to take their souls really is a bit much.  To each their own I guess, but as long you have peace with what you are doing then it isn’t any of my business whether you go trick or treating, have a church service, or just stay home and watch TV, which was my choice…. till next time.



I decided to do more of a collage today.  I used the picture of the pale lady to base my drawing on.  I didn’t quite get the eyes, but the lips are close.  I figure I am going to only do this for 30 days, so I won’t subject all of you to my daily drawing for too long.  I will be gone though from November 9 to November 14 because my hubbie and I will be going on our first cruise ever for our 34th wedding anniversary on 11/11/1979…  Of course I have someone house sitting while we are gone… can’t leave my little Chihuahuas alone…  They will have a big party and tear up the place…LOL

Now for the rant…  I know all of us have been part of a club, organization, group, whatever where a handful of people do all the work and the rest of the people just assume everything is going to run perfectly and get upset when things aren’t quite up to their standards.  There is this club that we are associated with that has an award every year to honor the person who has done the most for the club over the year.  It is a nomination thing where those who show up to a meeting gets to nominate the people who will be in the running for the award.  The funny thing this year was that the majority of the people nominated had not really done anything to earn the reward.  There were a couple of people who deserved the nomination, but the main people who were helping at all the events, went out every week and made sure the grass was cut and the place looked good were not nominated or even thought about.  Why is that?  I guess no matter what age you are, what type of club you are in, popularity is a factor.  I also feel that the people who do the most work are the ones who don’t tell everybody how much they do.  They are the silent workers, the ones who are happy being in the shadow making sure everything runs well, which makes them also unknown so their names never come up when it comes to award time.  Should these people make a big deal about what they do?  Should they not do their jobs and see if anyone notices and when things start falling apart maybe someone will actually ask what happened and who is missing?  I don’t think there is a good solution to this situation.  There is always going to be those who work their butt off and get no recognition and in turn get their feelings hurt, and there will always be those who do nothing, but are well liked and get all praise, even though they don’t deserve it.  Oh well… till next time…

drawing-threeI have actually made my third day… I wanted to try out my watercolor pencils, but I also used markers and paint pens.  She seems a bit pensive or in deep thought.  I probably need to work on my proportions, as she is a bit off in places, but what the heck.

I was going to write something interesting and witty to go with this post, but I just couldn’t think of anything.  I have wondered for a while how ironic it is that the WWE (World Wrestling Entertainment) has this big campaign against bullying, but a lot of their story lines involve either one or more persons bullying another wrestler.  I must say it does send a mixed message.  I have to admit though I do love wrestling and watch every Monday and Friday night, so not sure what that says about me… Till next time…

drawing-twoI actually made it to day two of my face a day challenge to myself. I was trying out my new markers on this one.  She ended up a bit strange, but It is my doodling.

Well, I must admit I am still a bit upset about something that happened at a restaurant I was at over the weekend.  We have been to this restaurant several times over the years.  I had a Groupon for this visit.  This isn’t the first time I had used a Groupon at this place and have used enough of them I understand how they work.  The meal cost $19.98 including tax.  My Groupon was for $20.00.  I paid the tax with cash that should have meant that I had only used $18 of the $20 of my coupon.  That would have left me enough to get a cookie.  The cashier informed me that I had only paid $10 for the coupon and that I was quite mistaken.  I tried to explain it to him in simple terms, but he made me feel like an idiot in front of the other customers.  I finally gave up and left.  I mean my math skills aren’t that great but I know when you are messing with my money…

I guess what upset me the most is was what ever happened to the customer is right or if they are incorrect you politely explain why they are confused about the situation.  By the time we were done he was going to give me the cookie, but I told him to just forget it, as he was even rude about that.  I know, it was only $2.00, but I guess it was the point of the matter…  He was right, I was wrong, so I can just go screw myself… Well, that is the way he acted.  Oh well…  There are definitely more than enough other restaurants I can go to besides them…  I just wish the customer service from a few years ago would come back, as I sure have no idea where it went… till next time…

ImageI have decided that I am going to draw a face a day.  It doesn’t have to be in depth, realistic, or in color, but every day I am going to draw a face and then post them here.  What started this idea was about a month ago I started an art journal.  I am a fiber artist who specializes in art dolls, but also makes just about anything from cloth including wall hangings, rugs, and purses.  I am working on a series of doll making books and one is dedicated on my method of face painting on both flat surfaces and soft sculptured faces.  I am trying different methods and painting techniques I do not normally use.  As I got farther into my art journal I thought it would be a great challenge for myself to do a face drawing a day.  Hope you will join me on this journey.  I will also be adding my own commentaries and rants among the pictures.  I hope to post everyday,  but if not will catch up the pictures on my next post. 

As a quick note, my art journal started as an old textbook that I thinned of some of the pages and then used gesso on all the pages.  Some of the pages also had fabric glued on them so I could practice my drawing on the surface that I normally draw my faces on, i.e. fabric art dolls.  So far the journal has taken on a life of its own with everything from experimenting how to draw different types of flowers to just expressing my feelings through words and pictures.  I have never been much of a journal keeper, but must admit this has become a regular part of my schedule and a way to channel my art and feelings out of my head and onto the paper… till next time….

ImageTwo weeks ago my dog Lady wasn’t feeling well.  She is a pure-breed Chihuahua who has a brown and tan teddy bear face.  I thought she was just constipated or such and figured a quick visit to the vet would make everything okay.  Ends up she has a mass in her bowel area and it is probably cancer.  The vet basically said we could spend thousands of dollars to treat it, but it really would not extend her life that long.  I asked the vet the big question though and really did not get an answer.  The question is when is it time to put her to sleep?  She cannot talk.  She cannot really communicate, so when is it time?  Do we wait until we can tell she is in horrible pain, which I really don’t want her to live that way, or do you just say you do not have much time so let us do it now before you get that bad. 

It makes me feel like I am playing God with my dog.  It is my decision on when, if, or how long she will be on the earth.  I have had her since she was six weeks old.  She has always been a house dog, sleeping with us, and adding something special to our lives, but at what point do I know and have peace with the decision that it is time to let her go? 

I guess what I find crazy is that we can decide when life ends for our pets, but we cannot do this for ourselves or our loved ones.  People can tell us what is wrong, how much pain they are in, and if they are ready to leave this earth, but we cannot legally do anything to help them end their life.  It just seems like as long as a person is of sound mind they should be able to make the same decision of whether they have to stay on this earth or not.

Back to Lady, we see the vet again tomorrow and see what they think and where we go from here.  Since I opted out of spending thousands of dollars I don’t have to try to extend her life a couple of months, it is going to be hard for them to give me a definitive answer, but maybe they can help me to make the right decision when the time comes.  I do hope there is really a Rainbow Bridge where our pets go when their time is over so we can see them again… till next time…

ImageWhile sitting in my office/sewing room I took a look around and decided the room was getting just too full to do anything in it.  It used to be only my sewing room, but a few months ago I had to move my office in there also due to the cable internet setup, so the room then became two rooms in one.  This wouldn’t have been too bad, other than it isn’t that big of a room to begin with and now it serves two purposes instead of one.  I have to admit I didn’t buy all the fabric, notions, etc. that fill the room up.  I have been given several tubs of supplies from my mentor who showed me how to make dolls a few years back, found free fabric on several of those free lists, or what I have bought has all be discounted, discontinued, or repurposed.

The problem is I kept getting more and more stuff, but the room isn’t growing to accommodate it.  I decided I would try to get my room easier to use.  I moved several of my storage bins around, cleaned up a bit and can actually see the top of my table, but then I lost my other work table, but at least now I can get to all my drawers and such.  I guess it is time to either start purging or just move into the unused formal living room on the other side of the house.  I think maybe I will just live in my little room and as Tim Gunn from Project Runway says, “Make it work.”  Maybe someone could give me some suggestions of a better system of organization to help me out before I end up buried under fabric and what nots…till next time…Image

I am finImageally back from my hiatus that turned from a couple of weeks to several months.  I really did not mean to take so long to write a new blog post, but I guess life got away from me.  I mean there has been several things to write about.  Just in the last month you have had the government shutdown.  The problem with this is the people who need the most help are the ones who are the most affected by the shutdown.  I think if we could freeze the pay for Congress until they make a decision they would have come to an agreement weeks ago.  I guess the problem is the only people who can do that is the Congress people, and I do not see them voting for a pay freeze anytime soon.

We could talk about the Veterans who just told the government to stick it and went to the memorial anyway or the truckers who are telling the president to resign or any other of list of topics we could cover that is government related.  I could go on about how my youngest who now hasn’t talked to me in over two years, which breaks down to three Mother’s Days, three birthdays, well, you get the picture.  I found out from looking at his Facebook page that he graduated from college last month and if I had not seen the picture I would have never know.  I went to all of his important functions for years, all his graduations, concerts, sports events, whatever,  but now I have no idea what is really going on in his life.

I had the bright idea to send his new wife a message through Facebook to tell my son “whose name we will not speak of” that I wanted to congratulate him and if he had said something I would have gone to his graduation,  but oh well.  I got a message back from her that maybe if I sent a heartfelt email and said I was sorry we might be able to open up a line of communication, but that was totally up to him.  The problem with this is I have no idea why he quit talking to me.  I had said I was sorry when it happened, and he told me it would take time and he would let me know when he was ready to talk again… well that was over two years ago.  I guess I must say that response kind of pissed me off, but oh well… at least she is supportive of him and respects what he wants to do…

I could also talk about “the girls” and issues I have been having with them and how I wish I had a pretty bra or how I tried to start walking on a treadmill everyday to get ready for our upcoming 34th anniversary cruise in November and thought I was going to die after eight minutes.  I really do not understand when I got so out of shape.  I normally walk somewhere or do some type of physical activity on a daily basis, but guess since all the problems I have been having with my back I just haven’t been as active as I thought.  This will be our first cruise ever and am kind of worried about all the walking I keep hearing we are going to have to do, but guess I will just have to make it work….

Probably the best thing to do is when I have an idea for a blog I need to just sit down and write and then post it.  I do find myself getting upset about something and having all these ideas of what would make a good post and then when I turn around and start working on something else I completely forget what I was wanting to ramble about.  I do have speech recognition on both my phone and computer, so I could just record what I am upset about and then transcribe it later, as transcription is what I make my living from, but I just feel silly talking into my phone like that.  I do know that a few years ago if you were seen walking around talking to yourself people would think you needed to be admitted to the psych ward, but now you don’t know if they are talking on their phone or are really talking to the voices in their head or their imaginary friend.  Oh well, I guess that is enough rambling for now.  Be sure to check back as I am going to be posting more in the next few weeks and you never know what I am going to go on a rant about.  Till next time…

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