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I now have short red hair and I like it.  It is a little redder than I had pictured, but I like.  The thing is the way red stays in my hair it will bImagee gone before you know it and then it will be time to turn it another shade of red.  I keep thinking my hair is up in the back because I don’t feel it on my neck, then I have to remember it is not there.  Weird feeling, but I understand why guys like their hair short.  It is an interesting feeling.  You get up in the morning and either brush your fingers through it or use a little gel or gunk or whatever you like and slick it back or spike it up or just give it some volume.  When it comes to shampooing it you only have to use a little bit of shampoo and conditioner so now that expensive shampoo lasts a long, long time.  It is also so much cooler and you don’t have to worry about it looking horrendous in a strong wind.  I used to worry that since I used so much hairspray in the front to get some volume that when I was in the wind that a big piece of the glopped together hair would stand straight up.  You know like those guys who are going bald so they comb the few long hairs they have left over the top of their head to cover the spot, but everyone knows they have a big bald spot.  When they go into the wind they have this big wall of hair standing straight up like a wall showing the big bald spot in full view.  I am like we all know you are bald so why do you think those couple of hairs are covering the fact?  Just cut your hair short or shave your whole head, you will look much better and some men look better with no hair… just a thought.  So, back to my short hair.

I live in Central Texas and it is summer.  We are only in our 90+ degree days and am waiting for the 100 degree days to come.  I absolutely hate for my hair to stick to my neck from the sweat, so when my hair had length during the summer it was always on top of my head with a clippie or whatever I could find to keep it off my neck.  For the past month I had been trying to grow my hair out and kept wondering why I was going to grow my hair out when I was just going to put it on top of my head.  I mean where is the reasoning behind that one?  What is the purpose.  If I am just going to put it up why not just cut it back off?  Even during the winter when my hair was to the middle of my back I still kept it up, as it would get caught in the seat belt, in the car window, or I would catch up in something.  It was so long my arm wasn’t long enough to hold the hair straight up and put it in a curler.  I then about three years ago made the transition to shorter hair, more of an inverted swing bob, which I loved for a long time, but then I just decided I wanted a change.  I wanted to try a hair style that I really never had and that is super short.  So, I now have one and I am glad I made the change.  I am one of those who has never wanted to take more than 15 minutes in morning to get ready, as I could never understand how some people could take an hour every morning in the bathroom to get ready.  What takes that long?  So, this short hairstyle is the perfect thing for me.  I know this type of cut is not for everyone and a lot of women would probably go into shock if they cut their hair this short, but I now understand why all those women I used to see with short hair cuts decided to do it… maybe you ought to try it too…. till next time.


I don’t know if the older I get the more things irritate me or if the culture has just changed that much around me.  I remember growing up being told to respect my elders.  You let older people go in front of you or held the door for them so they can easily come through.  You did not run in front of them or act annoyed because the older person is in your way.  You sure don’t try to play obstacle course with them while shopping in the grocery store, but the last few times I have gone to the grocery store that is exactly what my husband and I have had to put up with.  Hubbie is disabled due to a stroke and isn’t able to get around that well as it is, but then you put a wild child or rude adult in his way and it just makes the situation worse.  I’m not sure what happened or when it happened, but apparently we have raised a generation of rude children/young adults.  I know that I taught my kids to hold the door open for others, male or female, respect others, say thank you and please, just your normal good manners.  I don’t know how many times a day I have people shut the door in my face, as they are so in their own little world they have no idea I am even behind them, or kids trying to run me over while I am shopping.  I know kids will be kids and sometimes even the best kid is going to act the fool, but I am talking about the kids who have not been taught even the most basic of common courtesy and think you should get out of their way and act like you are causing them great issues if they have to wait for you to get through a door or move out of their way.  I have gotten to the point I just hate to even go grocery shopping.  Something about having a cart at your disposal makes some people think they are in a tank and rule the aisles.

I grew up in the generation of a child should be seen and not heard.  You do not interupt the adult and you sure did not try to run them over trying to leave the store.  I don’t really agree with the seen and not heard, but I do agree with the child being polite, not interupting, and trying to act their best when in public.  The thing is it isn’t only children who have forgotten how to act.  I have had many an adult try to run over me at the store and act like I was the one who was in their way.  A couple of years ago when I had my knee replacement I was at the store trying to get around and was still basically on a walker at that time.  I had the walker folded into the cart and was using the cart to help me get around.  People would just stand in the aisle and act like I was crazy for thinking they needed to move.  Their kids were trying to run me over and they wouldn’t say a word.  How rude can you be.  I just don’t understand what happened.  Where did people start thinking that being courteous was something that was out of style or old fashioned?  Common courtesy has never gone out of style, it is just how people should act without being told or reminded.  I am sure I’m not the only person who feels this way.  How hard is it to take a quick look around you when you are going in or out a door to make sure you aren’t shutting the door in someone’s face?  How hard is it to tell your child to please let the older adult through or to wait while they exit the area?  This really should be just common sense, but I guess that is lacking also, but that is for another blog post, along with crappy customer service and people who act like they are doing you a favor when you are the one who is the reason they have a job, but anyway… I think we all need to take a moment this week and look around us and make sure we aren’t being rude and are showing a little common courtesy to those around us.  Think of how much better our days would be if we all just smiled at each other and held the door for one another.  Novel idea isn’t it?  Till next time…

I have to admit I have a strong dislike for anything that creeps, crawls, or flies and is considered an insect.  There are a few insects I like.  I think butterflies are beautiful and ladybugs aren’t bad if they stay off my person.  Those little roly poly bugs are kind of fun as you can mess with them and they roll into little balls, but for the most part all other insects just need to stay away from me.  I absolutely dislike spiders, mosquitoes, roaches, water-bugs, beetles, etc.  I don’t like any bug that bites me.  I have always been a magnet for mosquitoes.  They think I am the best thing to come along and have no problem biting me multiple times in just a few minutes.  I will never forget the time we slept on the beach in our van and I woke up the next morning unable to open my one eye because the mosquitoes bit me on the eyelid and couldn’t open my eye until later that day.  I have to admit the bugs I probably hate the most are water-bugs.  If you don’t know what they are, well they are the extra large version of a cockroach and some of the big females can actually fly. 

The other night I was in the utility room minding my own business, in my nightgown trying to finish wash so I could get ready for bed.  I am standing there with a pair of hubbie’s undies in my one hand and I notice this bug flying towards me.  I thought it was a moth or such because of the size, but the next thing I realize it is a water-bug and it is flying right for head.  I start swatting the thing with the pair of underwear in my hand and the next thing I know there is a second flying water-bug.  I mean I have never had two of them trying to attack me.  I pull off my one house-shoe and go to smacking anything I can with the undies and the house shoe.  If someone had a video camera of me we probably could have won one of those video shows or at least gone viral on You Tube.  So, the one bug decides to fly into the kitchen, which is a good thing as at this point I have no idea where I have thrown my house shoe.  I turn to see the other one flying into my hair.  I go to swatting at my head, flailing my arms, and jumping up and down.  Okay, remember that I’m a big girl in a nightgown with no bra on and I am jumping up and down swatting at a water-bug that is now stuck in my hair.  Like I said, if I only had video of this moment.  I finally swat the stupid bug out of my hair and it flies off to the corner or somewhere in the utility room, I really didn’t care as I was on the hunt for my shoe and bug spray.  I finally find my shoe in the kitchen up on a chair where I guess it landed and finally find a can of bug spray.

I walk back into the kitchen and see the one stupid bug and literally drowned it in bug spray.  It tried to walk off, but ended up on its back on the floor.  Can you say YEAH!!  I then go into the utility room, as I still have clothes half in the washer and half in the dryer, but by luck no bug.  I think it decided to hide in the corner until I left, as I probably looked like a crazy person even to a bug.  I mean picture me standing there still with this pair of undies in my hand, my hair standing up on end from where I was trying to get the bug out of it, and now I am sweating and ready to just go to bed.  By luck I didn’t see any more bugs that evening.  I guess it is that time of the season, as it is like the water-bugs are starting to come out in droves, well there isn’t that many, but it sure seems like it.  I just would like to know what works on these stupid things that is still safe for my dogs.  If anyone out there has any suggestions I would love to hear them.

I know that bugs have a purpose.  There are animals that would die out if they didn’t have bugs to eat, plants would quit growing if we didn’t have bees to pollinate them, etc., etc., but it doesn’t mean they have to come into my house and creep me out like that.  I sure don’t see the reason for them to have to fly into my hair and make me do the goofy dance… unless God needs a good laugh and this is one way He gets it….Hmmmmm, have to think on that one.  Till next time….

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