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The other day I gave in and finally bought a new skillet. I must admit after I cooked in my new non-stick skillet I was absolutely giddy. I guess maybe I am easily amused, but you would not believe how nice it was to use a skillet in which an egg not only does not stick, but actually slides around and can be slipped right out of the pan into the plate. My old skillet, as you can see in the picture, was past worn out. I mean even water stuck in this stupid skillet. At some point someone in the house let it get so hot that not only did the red heat indicator disappear, but the bottom warped and ended up with a high spot in the middle. I kept using the skillet because I just didn’t want to spend $25 on a new skillet for the same thing to happen to it. I am now to the point where I don’t have all the kids at home and the one who still lives here rarely cooks, so I thought it was finally safe to buy a new skillet. I guess I had completely forgot how nice it was to have a pan that truly does not stick. I know, it is sad that I feel the need to even write a blog post about it, but if you had fought with a crappy skillet as long as I did, you would be excited too. Till next time….


It’s that time of year again, today is my birthday. I really don’t have a problem with having a birthday, I mean it is better than the alternative, but for the past 12+ years the week before my birthday I go into this funk. It is like a dark cloud blows in over me and I have issues functioning. I become very moody and just do not enjoy life much. This has gotten better over the past couple of years and this year I thought I was safe. I had been doing good up until today and then all heck broke loose. The guy at McDonald’s was rude to me, the ladies at Dollar General wouldn’t let me use the bathroom to pee (I mean I am a menopausal woman who when I need to pee, you better let me pee), and that was it. I had my “don’t know why I am crying, but am crying” spell and now just wish my birthday was over. Why is that? What is it about birthday’s that gets me in such a snit? I guess it is more than a snit, it is more of a life sucks and then you die sort of thing.

I think part of it is that years ago I used to tell everyone to follow their dreams. Doesn’t matter how old you are, whether you are male or female, whatever, you can do whatever you want to with your life. Well, I guess about 10 years ago I figured out I was full of crap. The older I got the more doors I was watching shut. Sure, I can go back to school to become whatever I want. The problem is once I get out of school then the real world sets in and that sucks. Here I am, I just turned 51 today, so let’s say I went back to school today, took my 130+ college credits and applied them toward something I would still need probably 2 years of college to get my bachelor degree, as I kept switching majors and don’t have enough of one thing to do anything. I would then be 53 when I graduated and now I am going out in the real world competing against 20 somethings and if I do get a job my boss is probably a 20 something. The problem with this is my kids are late 20s, early 30s, and it would be like working for one of my kids. I am afraid I would either slap someone or tell them to go to their room, which in turn would get me fired. That would be a waste of both my degree and time.

I know, a person can still follow their dreams no matter how old they are, they just have to modify them to fit their age, circumstance, whatever. I could never be a gymnast, but I could design costumes for them to wear or accessories for their stuff, I could write blogs or stories about gymnasts, etc. I always wanted to get my private pilot license and fly, which at this age I could still do, but it is expense, I am a dinosaur in my profession, don’t make poo-diddly squat money wise, and couldn’t even afford the gas for the plane to take a lesson. Geez… and I wonder why I am in a funk.

It really is hard though knowing that the profession you are in is either dying or getting close to and you have no exit plan, as that is where I am at. I never have liked what I do for a living, but I type really fast, 100+ words per minute, took schooling to learn the medical terminology and 12 years ago became a medical transcriptionist. Well, now I make less than I did as a newbie and work twice the hours, my wrists hurt, and I absolute hate what I do. I have watched the industry go down hill. It started with the off shoring to India, then voice recognition, and now the little scribes who run behind the doctors with their little laptop computers and type everything the doctor says right there. There will always be some need for MTs, but the opportunities are going away fast, and I need an exit plan.

Well, I am feeling better now. I had my birthday cry, ranted and raved about my career choice, and now am getting ready to go to work and hope there is something for me to do, as I work on production so if there is no work, I don’t get to buy groceries in two weeks when I get paid. Woo hooo…. Till next time….

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