Have you ever been sitting and watching TV and one of those abused animal group commercials come on with the sad dogs and cats? They use music from a popular singer and then every time you hear that song you have images of three-legged dogs and cats with casts. I understand these organizations need money to run. There are so many abandoned and abused animals that it takes a lot of money to take care of the cause. My problem is how they go about it. I really wish I was a billionaire as I would contact whoever is over these groups and ask them how much money they would need to cease and desist these commercials. They could run infomercials that say they need money and only show happy dogs and cats who were helped by others, but no more sad and pitiful animals. I think they go through the shelters and find any animal that has a pitiful look even when it is happy. You know those dogs with the droopy mouths, flat faces, and goofy smiles, whatever that makes them look sad no matter what?

I understand that when it comes to getting people to give money you have to either guilt them into it or pull their heartstrings and make them grab their wallets. If the commercials had happy, playful puppies then you might get some money, but nowhere near as much as those of us who wish they had enough money to make them go away and would do just about anything to make that happen. I mean how many dogs with casts, missing eyes, 3 legs, etc. can one person look at and not be upset? Then you add that music about angels or thinking about you or some other sad music and unless you have no feelings at all you are pulling out the credit card. I have gotten to where all I have to do is hear the song associated with the commercial and I will not watch the TV. If I have to I will change the channel or hit the mute button. There is only so much one can take before they want to chunk the TV so they don’t have to see another one of those commercials.

I know that the situation of abandoned and abused animals is out of control. Too many people buy a puppy because it is cute, but when it tears up the house or grows up to be the size of a small horse they throw it away, which is totally wrong. Other pet owners do not spay or neuter their animals and then their studly dog populates the entire neighborhood with little studlies, which then become residents of the local animal shelter and more often than not become euthanized. With the bad economy people are barely able to pay their bills and feed themselves and the first member of the family to leave is the family pet. The problem is there are more homeless and abandoned animals than there is shelter space for and thus 1000s of them are euthanized each year. I really feel that if more money was spent on free or very low-cost spay or neuter clinics that you wouldn’t need all the commercials trying to help the abandoned or abused animals. One of those fix the problem from the start instead of having to deal with the aftermath. I guess until the situation is fixed or some multibillionaire is able to give these organizations enough money to stop the commercials, we are all going to be subjected to the one-eyed dogs and cats with casts. Grrrrrrrr….till next time.