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Enough already…no more one-eyed dogs….. Do those animal abuse commercials drive you crazy?


Have you ever been sitting and watching TV and one of those abused animal group commercials come on with the sad dogs and cats? They use music from a popular singer and then every time you hear that song you have images of three-legged dogs and cats with casts. I understand these organizations need money to run. There are so many abandoned and abused animals that it takes a lot of money to take care of the cause. My problem is how they go about it. I really wish I was a billionaire as I would contact whoever is over these groups and ask them how much money they would need to cease and desist these commercials. They could run infomercials that say they need money and only show happy dogs and cats who were helped by others, but no more sad and pitiful animals. I think they go through the shelters and find any animal that has a pitiful look even when it is happy. You know those dogs with the droopy mouths, flat faces, and goofy smiles, whatever that makes them look sad no matter what?

I understand that when it comes to getting people to give money you have to either guilt them into it or pull their heartstrings and make them grab their wallets. If the commercials had happy, playful puppies then you might get some money, but nowhere near as much as those of us who wish they had enough money to make them go away and would do just about anything to make that happen. I mean how many dogs with casts, missing eyes, 3 legs, etc. can one person look at and not be upset? Then you add that music about angels or thinking about you or some other sad music and unless you have no feelings at all you are pulling out the credit card. I have gotten to where all I have to do is hear the song associated with the commercial and I will not watch the TV. If I have to I will change the channel or hit the mute button. There is only so much one can take before they want to chunk the TV so they don’t have to see another one of those commercials.

I know that the situation of abandoned and abused animals is out of control. Too many people buy a puppy because it is cute, but when it tears up the house or grows up to be the size of a small horse they throw it away, which is totally wrong. Other pet owners do not spay or neuter their animals and then their studly dog populates the entire neighborhood with little studlies, which then become residents of the local animal shelter and more often than not become euthanized. With the bad economy people are barely able to pay their bills and feed themselves and the first member of the family to leave is the family pet. The problem is there are more homeless and abandoned animals than there is shelter space for and thus 1000s of them are euthanized each year. I really feel that if more money was spent on free or very low-cost spay or neuter clinics that you wouldn’t need all the commercials trying to help the abandoned or abused animals. One of those fix the problem from the start instead of having to deal with the aftermath. I guess until the situation is fixed or some multibillionaire is able to give these organizations enough money to stop the commercials, we are all going to be subjected to the one-eyed dogs and cats with casts. Grrrrrrrr….till next time.


Many, many years ago when I was 10 years old I remember telling my mom that guys were looking at me funny and I thought I might need a bra. She took me to the local JC Penney’s and we found the lady in the lingerie department to see if she could help. I will never forget her telling my mom how busty I was and that I had not only passed up the training bras, but that I was already in a B cup at the age of 10. I was fairly thin, so back then girls were just not as busty as they are now. I think it has to do with all the growth hormones in the milk and meat our kids are eating is a big reason why girls today are much bigger in the breast area than the women of a generation ago, but back to the subject. I found out at an early age that men are attracted to breasts. I have literally had to tell men that my eyes are on my face, not my chest, so look me in the eye when you talk to me. I have left job interviews before because the interviewer kept looking at my chest and not my face. In the one interview the interviewer was also the boss, so I knew that was never going to work. The minute I knew the job would never work I turned my head sideways, leaned down enough to look him in the eye, and gave him the lecture about where breasts are located and where eyes are located and that he needed to get a clue. Of course in the work place now there are all sorts of sexual harassment rules in place, but guys still look.

I have also found out over the years that for some reason certain men think because the breasts are sticking out there that it is okay to grab them. No, it is not okay to grab any part of another person’s body unless they have given you permission. Is it okay for me to walk up and grab your nose and pull it? Would you like me to grab your ear and twist it? I don’t think so, so why is it okay for you to walk up to me and grab my breast? Like I have been telling people for years, this is my space – that is yours, so stay out of mine. I have had issues with people being in my personal space for years and as I get older it really isn’t getting much better. I mean when you spend your formative years with guys thinking it is okay to grab certain things, you start becoming very protective of your personal space. I remember being on the school bus sitting toward the back, minding my own business, and having guys sit in the seat in front of me and turn around and start trying to put their hand down my shirt. I of course fought them, but the fact that nobody seemed to think that was a problem really to this day still bugs me. Then if you are busty and a blonde, well everyone thinks you are easy and anything goes. Well…. It doesn’t. If I say get away from me that is what I mean. I think I can speak for a lot of busty women out there, just because they are out there doesn’t mean they are fair game for you to play with. Goodness…

So, back to the original question, what is the thing about guys and boobs? Does it go back to being a baby and breast feeding? Is it the fact that men don’t have them and that makes them think they need to play with them? What is the deal? I sure wish someone would answer the question for me. I have asked many men and I never seem to get an answer other than, “cause they are there,” which is not an answer. There are many women who are into a guys butts, but I don’t know many women who would walk up to a man they did not know and grab their butt, unless the guy was a stripper or there were other circumstances that would make it okay. Oh well, as long as women have boobs, men are going to drool over them. Till next time….

ImageA couple of weeks ago my uncle passed and my family and I traveled up to a different state to be at the funeral. The funeral was fine, but I must admit I absolutely hate funerals. I do my best to completely avoid them when I can. I guess the funeral itself isn’t the problem….it is the corpse. I have issues with the viewing as I get creeped out when it comes time to go up and look at the deceased. To me I keep waiting for them to get up and say hello. I keep looking at them wondering if I saw them flinch or move. I also have this almost uncontrollable impulse to touch them and see what they feel like. I mean are they hard? Cold? Clammy? I don’t know, as I have never gotten the nerve to touch one of the deceased. I found myself sitting at the viewing a couple of weeks ago and was having these images of my uncle getting up and bopping the priest in the head with the bells/incense the priest was shaking around the body for religious reasons. Something about prepping the area with incense for prayer or something of the sort. I never really did understand why the priest was shaking these incense bells and saying prayers, but that really wasn’t the issue. The issue was I kept having these images of my uncle grabbing them and shaking them at the priest. You know one of those scenes where you get tired of a kid crying and screaming behind you so you turn around and scream and cry at them, not that I would ever do that, but same principle.

I guess the other thing that bugs me about funerals is all the people who haven’t seen, talked to, or really even remember the name of the deceased, who come up and cry over the body, tell everyone what a wonderful person the deceased was, and you know they are so full of BS it is a wonder they don’t stink or are leaving a trail of poo behind them. I guess it is just human nature or the way life is, but you really see a person’s true colors by the way they act at funerals. I have seen some of the worst behavior ever come out at a funeral. My husband’s aunt was at the courthouse filing papers that her sister was never her sister so the aunt could get complete stake in the parent’s inheritance when my husband’s mom died. The parent’s estate was still in the court system as the original will was never found, so aunt wanted to get everything and figured if she could show legally that she was an only child that would settle everything. Of course it didn’t work, but really, how does a person think of these things right after a loved one has died. How many people’s inheritance goes to the wrong person because of actions taken within hours of their deaths? Just crazy.

I know death is a part of life. Everyone is going to die. There is no such thing as being immortal no matter what you read in books. I mean you can even kill vampires, shape shifters, or other paranormal beings, so what makes a person think they are never going to die? I just wonder if I would be more apt to go to funerals if I knew there wasn’t going to be such shenanigans going on in public or behind the scene. I do know I want people to be happy when I die. The Bible basically says that we should celebrate the dead and cry for the just born, as the dead are going to a better place. I want a party. I would love to have a parade like you see in New Orleans with the guy dancing in front with the umbrella followed by a band and the death wagon. If old, slow, depressing dirge songs are played I am going to get up out of the coffin and yell at everyone. I want upbeat music, no sad speeches about me, and no fire and brimstone sermon trying to scare people out of hell. Celebrate my life and celebrate where I am going, and hopefully nobody has strange images of me jumping up out of the coffin bopping the priest in the head with incense bells. Till next time….

I said I wasn’t going to read the books, as I normally do not read what is popular, but what sounds good to me, and these books are based on the BDSM lifestyle which didn’t really appeal to me. So why did I read them? My daughter bought the trilogy, downloaded it on my Kindle, and I was on a road trip from Fort Worth, Texas, to Indianapolis, Indiana, so figured what the heck. I still can’t say I am impressed. Honestly, I have no problems with erotic fiction. The thing is the sex scenes come nowhere near measuring up to the scenes in the Laurall K. Hamilton Anita Blake Vampire Hunter series. You have to wait until about book #4 before you start having sex scenes, but after Ms. Hamilton realized she could write erotic fiction and goodness it has gotten hot and heavy with one girl and many, many men, sex that almost kills Anita or her sex partner, extremely rough sex, but that is another blog post.

Back to the Fifty Shades of Grey books and to me it was the Twilight series gone erotic. Of course Ana is Bella and Christian Grey is Edward. There are some differences, but give me a break, if you have read both series then you can’t help but see the similarities. I know that the Fifty series started as fan fiction for Twilight, but I guess I would hope that if you are going to take the characters and premise from another series that you would try to make things different enough that the reader doesn’t spend the entire time going oh what would Bella do instead of Ana, oh Edward would have done that just like Christian, etc. It is kind of irritating to a point. So, here are a few of the similarities, as I don’t want this blog post to be tooooo long:

  1.  Innocent girl attracted to the bad boy. She knows she should leave him alone, but she is drawn to him. He knows she is too young, too naïve for him, but he can’t leave her alone. Both girls are virgins, inexperienced, and have no idea what they are getting themselves into.
  2. Adoptive parents. I know, it isn’t quite the same to be truly adopted versus having a maker, but from outer appearances both Edward and Christian are adopted, the semantics do not count.
  3. Edward thinks Bella died when she went cliff diving and Christian thinks he lost Ana when she was attacked by the crazy ex-boss. Christian also thought he lost Ana when she walked out on him. It took these incidents to make the guys realize they didn’t ever want to lose their girlfriends and would do anything to protect them.
  4. Bella gets pregnant by Edward and Ana gets pregnant by Christian – neither are expected or wanted by the guys. Both women want to keep their little blips and it takes near death experiences or other life shattering revelations to make the guys realize it is a good thing.
  5. Edward hurts Bella during sex on their honeymoon and guess what Christian hurts Ana with the handcuffs on their honeymoon (if I remember correctly) and then feel bad when people look at the bruises and won’t have sex again because of it, or at least until it is safe for both parties. I understand the issue with Edward, as he is a super strong vampire who can’t control himself when excited, but Christian? Really? Haven’t you heard of fur covered handcuffs to help control the bruising? If you don’t want to leave marks, then use props that won’t cause issues.

Okay, I could just keep going on but will stop with these, as I wanted to at least touch on the subject of the sex in the Grey Trilogy. I really was a bit disappointed. I mean there is a lot of sex in these books. These two do the doo more than a couple of rabbits, but that doesn’t mean much. Yes, there is a Red Room of Pain, but we really do not get to hear about it much. Christian gets upset over the hurting Ana, here safe wording him, etc. and won’t take her in there much. I guess my problem is all the inner dialogue that we have to muddle through to get to the interesting parts of the book. I know it is in first person, so you will have some inner dialogue, but goodness I don’t expect half the book to be her having fights with herself in her mind. Gets a bit old after awhile. The best part of the books though is the emails between Christian and Ana. Between the subject lines and signatures, that actually made the books worth reading.

To summarize, if you want really good sex scenes there are better books out there. If you like a lot of internal dialogue, self-doubt, self-loathing (on Christian’s part), dysfunctional people, and a little bit of pretty decent action then the Trilogy is for you. It did aid in making my road trip a bit more fun… till next time.

I guess saying I hate to go to Wal-Mart is rather strong words, but no I think that says it all. It never fails every time I go to Wally World I am accosted by rude people, stupid people, and am so tired by the time I get out of there I wish I had never gone. By luck I have figured out some other stores to get what I need without dealing with them, but no matter what I do there is always something that only they have or are the absolute cheapest on it and I have no choice but to go visit the evil place called Wal-Mart. Just yesterday I needed to send money through MoneyGram, so Wally World was right there and decided what would it hurt. I only need to go through customer service, no buying anything, quick and easy, right? WRONG!! Since when does a cart somewhat sort of positioned in the line constitute a place holder? The guy who was right in front of me goes around the cart and I am right behind him, but before I can get very far this guy comes from nowhere, takes the cart, and goes in front of me. Why didn’t he go in front of the other guy as we both went around it at the same time? Why did he think it was okay to cut in front of me? Did he figure the guy would tell him off and I wouldn’t? Well, I guess he was right because I didn’t say a word. He got lucky as other people I know i.e. my daughter or my mother when she was alive would have told him how rude he was, told him a few choice words, and probably got escorted out of Wally World, but I just stood there and fumed. I just don’t understand where good manners went. I guess they went to the wayside with common sense, customer service, and those other things that were expected when I was a child but now have become unbelievably hard to find.

I have found that the best time to go to Wally World is about 2 in the morning. They crowd is much lighter; you can get down the aisles without people running you over with their carts or their wild children, and generally is a much better shopping experience. What I find quite interesting is how many children are with their parents at 2 in the morning. Aren’t these kids supposed to be at home asleep not running around the aisles of Wally World? I could see maybe babies, especially if they are not sleeping due to teething or something and the parents are trying to find something to help the situation, but school aged kids up and about on a school night? Don’t get it.

I just wish Wally World hadn’t come into so many towns and wiped out all the competition to where they basically have the monopoly when it comes to low-priced stuff. I used to really like K-mart. They had the blue light specials, layaway, and normally not a huge crowd of rude people. Of course, the closest one to me now is over 100 miles away, as Wal-Mart made it to where they couldn’t stay in business. If you are into sewing have you noticed that there are very few choices when it comes to buying fabric? Thank Wally World for that also. They came in and put cut fabric in their stores, cut the prices of your smaller fabric stores, ran them out of business, and now guess what? They no longer cut fabric at Wal-Mart. They got rid of the employee that had to stay in that section to help customers with cutting fabric and such. Now they have this little craft section and us fabric buyers have lost our choices when it comes to buying fabric. Thanks again Wal-Mart.

Okay, now that I have gone from rude people in line to why I can’t buy fabric at Wal-Mart anymore, I think I need to get all these rabbits caught and finish this train of though. I guess maybe my train has derailed and there is no getting me back on track when it comes to Wally World, as I truly, completely and totally hate shopping there! The only good thing is people watching as you never know what you are going to see when you are forced to shop at Wal-Mart. Guess that would be one of the only redeeming factors with a shopping trip to Wally World, 300 pound lady in the bikini or the tall guy in his teeny tiny Speedos and stupid shirt. Oh well…. Till next time.

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