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I admit it, every four years I just dread election year. This year though seems even worse than normal. I guess part of the problem this year is Facebook and other social media. It seems like I have friends on both sides of the spectrum and then some of these get quite upset when you do not feel the same as they do. I did not vote for Obama 4 years ago, and I am not going to vote for him this time either. I have no problem with posting pics, links, etc. that state my opinion of our president and the job he has been doing. The problem with this is other people also have opinions and are not afraid to express them either. The problem comes in when you are dealing with the internet and people are not afraid to go on the attack, as you are not talking directly to another person, but to an impersonal computer screen so you feel this power to say whatever you want. I mean what consequences are going to happen? They defriend you? They type something ugly back to you? They delete your comment? It just seems like people are so different over the internet than they are in public, as there is really no consequences or backlash that comes from what you type on the screen.

I do remember four years ago when I was in for a yearly mammogram and the technician was all upset over Obama and the election. The problem is she waits until she gets me stuck in the machine and then starts telling me all about it. I did agree with her, but even if I didn’t I wouldn’t have said anything, as I really wanted out of the machine. I mean I hate mammograms as it is, as they hurt, especially when you are well endowed and they have to try to squish the girls flat. Ouch!! I sure didn’t need the added problem of the tech going into a long, drawn out spew about how she disliked Obama, how he should not be elected, and what issues it would cause. Of course four year later she was right, but that really was not the time to let others know how she felt. Most people though in social situations avoid the big three topics… politics, religion and how much a person makes per year, but when it comes to the internet any topic is fair game. Don’t like certain religions, just post on Facebook, Twitter, whatever and say whatever you feel. Don’t like the way a certain person looks or acts, post their pic and talk all about them. It really is crazy, but I think I got off chasing rabbits here and need to get back to the subject at hand – election year.

I guess my main problem with election year is the fact that all the parties can take the same subject and twist it into their agenda or plans. It is kind of like religion. There are all type of denominations and they all can use the same scripture, but have a different meaning depending on their agenda. The same thing applies to politics. Whether it be taxes, jobs, etc., they can all take the same statistics and make it look bad for their opponent or good for themselves. It is called let’s see what way we can spin the facts to work in our favor, and the ones who suffer from all this spinning is the American people, who have to suffer through the TV ads, debates, etc. until the election is finally over and then the fun begins.

I do think what upsets me the most is those people on Facebook who cannot handle other people’s opinions. I posted the below picture and got cussed at from someone who I didn’t think even used those type of words. I did add that Obama was one of the most unpatriotic presidents we have ever had, but really now.  Like I posted back to her, if you can’t handle the posts about politics, then maybe you need to stay off of Facebook until the election is over, because there is no way to get away from all the pictures, jokes, etc. that are being posted from all sides and you either ignore them, make your comments about it, or just take a hiatus from social media. Till next time….


There is this new TV show on cable called Doomsday Preppers.  It focuses on people who are preparing for the worst to come whether it be collapse of our economy, the big earthquake, running out of oil/gas, or whatever else they think is going to happen. I rather agree with some of their ideas i.e. storing food for so many days, keeping supplies of everything you need in case you lose power or any other catastrophe that could happen in our lives. I have thought about for a long time how we needed to stockpile food, water, get a couple of guns and other items that would be in short demand if anything happens. We live in a fairly large city right on a major highway, so we would be easy targets if people decided to riot, pillage or steal. I currently do not keep a gun in the house, but if a certain president gets 4 more years it looks like the 2nd Amendment might get squashed and better get guns and ammo before it is too late.

I admit I am not much into conspiracy theories, but at times you really have to wonder. I still wonder about the Kennedy assassination. Oswald probably did it by himself, but of course the only person who really knows was conveniently taken out before the truth came out. I am sure if we truly knew what was going on with our government we would all be trying to live off the grid, going into hiding, and preparing for the worst. Sometimes ignorance is bliss. The problem with the people on the show is some of them are truly fanatics. You know the type that see Big Brother behind every corner. The one couple has enough food stored for 2 people for 20 years. That is a lot of food. I do feel that we could all learn something from these people, but also think you have to take truly look at your own situation and do what is right for you and your family.

The experts on the show did bring up an interesting fact that a large percentage of people feel they need to invest in prepping themselves for hard times instead of putting money into a retirement plan. I actually think that makes sense. I mean if you pay off your house, put in alternative sources of power so you don’t have to pay utilities and then start storing food and other items you would need, you really are better off than if you have a lump sum sitting in a 401K that is at the mercy of a fluctuating economy. If you have next to no bills you can live on next to nothing and live well. Just a though. Till next time…

The day of love – Valentine’s Day. This would be the day that millions of dollars will be spent on flowers, candies (hopefully the recipient isn’t a diabetic) and other assorted wonderments to show love to the intended object of their affection. I didn’t say person, as I was watching the show Strange Addiction the other night and a guy was having a sexual/loving relationship with his car, don’t ask how that was accomplished, so not everyone’s love is of the human species. So, back to the subject at hand – today is the day that men are made to feel guilty if they forget or do not look like they have spent enough on their sweetie. It really is to me a day that florist and candy companies got together and decided one day a year they are going to make a day where they are going to pay all their bills for the year and that will be Valentine’s Day. I know, that is not what happened, but I am sure that is why the day is promoted the way it is. Every commercial break for the past few weeks has been jewelry stores, online stuffed animals/candies/flowers, and other companies promoting how you need to buy a gift from them for your loved one or you are a terrible person who does not know how to show love or affection for your sweetie.

I remember when I used to work outside of the home and every Valentine’s Day it was like whose significant other could have the biggest gift delivered to the office. If your sweetie didn’t have something delivered then they must not love you much – what a crock. I personally would rather go out to eat then get flowers, not that I don’t like flowers, but at least I get to eat something I like and not watch it droop over the next couple of days. I think a plant is good, because you can normally keep it alive for a while, unless you forget to water it.

I just think that Valentine’s Day is one of those days that causes as much hurt and depression as it does love and affection. If you are one of the unlucky people who are not in a relationship or just recently been dumped or some other situation of the like, Valentine’s is just going to push you deeper into depression. Then you have the situation where your sweetie is unable to buy something for your and then they feel bad because they were not able to live up to the standards of the day, which is just dumb. I personally have no plans other than maybe going to Taco Cabana and getting the two can eat for $9.99 deal and leaving it at that. Till next time…

I have to admit, I love watching the shows Hoarders and Hoarders: Buried Alive, both on cable TV. The shows focus on people who have issues with hoarding and the problems that come with it. I mean you really have to feel sorry for some of these people, as you can tell it really is a mental illness that they are having to fight every day of their lives. You wonder how anyone could live in some of these houses, between the smell, danger, and other hazards. I do understand how things can get out of hand and then you are overwhelmed and have no idea where to even start. I have been there, but have been able to at least keep the house clean enough to get by. I do have to admit though every episode I watch makes me feel better knowing my house doesn’t look that bad. I know that sounds terrible, but I am sure there are others out there who feel the same way. I admit I am a terrible housekeeper, always have been, but I keep the kitchen clean, floors swept and other essentials to keep the house in order. I am not one of those people though who spend hours per day or week making sure all the dust is dusted or taking a toothbrush to the floors. I just feel that if I work 6 days per week, am working on getting my business running, and such that cleaning is not high on my list of things to do. I am just waiting for the day that I can afford a cleaning lady at least one day per week to help take care of the mess, but still working on that. I do think though that is why reality TV shows are so popular. As a human we love to watch others issues, like a train wreck, we know we shouldn’t watch it, but we just can’t take our eyes off it while it is happening. If we see others going through a tough situation or have gotten themselves into a pile of mess, at least we can say, “Better them than me.” Be honest, you are thinking the same thing when you watch these shows. How would they get the ratings they do if the majority of TV watching people weren’t into watching the mess known as reality TV. Happy watching….till next time…

When I heard last night that Whitney had passed the first thing that came to mind was did she die from drugs and alcohol? That wasn’t a nice thing to think, but we have known for years that she has been fighting her demons and now apparently they won. I mean a body can only take so much abuse until it finally says I have had it and stops working. My problem is that so many people have blamed Bobby Brown for Whitney’s issues, but he didn’t make her take the drugs. There are many people out there who have been offered drugs, alcohol, etc. but have turned them down. Most of us know what our demons are and try to avoid them. If we know we have an addictive behavior we avoid what might cause us problems. What I truly do not understand is how someone with such talent feels they need to do drugs or alcohol to fill whatever they are missing in their lives. I mean these people are living the dream. They have fame, fortune, and are doing what they love, but they turn around and ruin their lives because for some reason they aren’t happy or fulfilled or whatever the issue is.

I guess my problem with the whole thing is that now all we are going to hear for weeks is how tragic her death was. We are going to hear her music, see her picture, etc., but there are normal people dying every day who will never be heard of. People in law enforcement, fire men and women, soldiers who have died in the line of duty, but other than in their hometowns will never be known. How about those people who jump in front of cars to save a child, run into burning buildings, or do any number of other things that ended their lives to save others, but do you ever hear about them? How about those who lose their fight with cancer or some other type of disease, but spend their last days inspiring others or leaving their mark on society, but do you know who they are? No you won’t. Look at Farah Fawcett. She lost her battle with cancer, but due to horrible timing died the same day as Michael Jackson, who of course died from drugs, and guess who got all the publicity? Michael Jackson of course. I just get tired of people who are celebrities and they get treated so different than the normal every day person, who offered more to the world in the truest sense than what most of the celebrities, but are never recognized or even heard of. Just my opinion of course. Till next time…

At what point did we all stop talking to each other? Since the age of cell phones, Facebook, Twitter, I-Pad, etc. it seems that no one talks face-to-face anymore. I have started looking at the people sitting in restaurants and have noticed how you will have young couples who rarely speak to each other, as they are too busy texting on their cell phones. I sit and wonder if they are texting each other instead of actually speaking.  Everywhere you look there are people of all ages walking/driving/sitting texting on their phones and not talking to the person sitting right next to them. You have people who end relationships through a text message. People literally do not know they have been dumped until they read their significant other’s Facebook page and see that their relationship status has changed to single. How many people can actually say they have hand wrote a letter in the last year? I understand that email is much quicker way to contact someone than snail mail, but sometimes it is nice to receive a letter that someone actually took the time to write to you, instead of a quick email or text they just whipped together. I didn’t even realize how mad my one son was with me until he un-friended me on Facebook and that was months ago with no word since. I really feel that there are many a broken relationship, angry feelings, and people who have been hurt deeply because instead of picking up a phone or going to see the person face-to-face they have misunderstood the intention of an email or text, got their feelings hurt and quit talking to the other person, when the other person did not mean what they thought.

The problem with the written word is you can get some emotion from it, but you cannot always get the true meaning as you are not hearing the inflection in their voice, seeing the look on their face, their body language and all the other subtle hints that let you know what their true meaning is. You cannot see in a text how a person truly feels. Yes, you can type in all caps and let a person know you are mad or you can make little symbols and XOXOs to show love, but that can only go so far. We have a whole generation of kids who have no idea how to interact with other people because they have spent all their waking hours communicating through truncated texts or status updates on Facebook. I really do think it is about time that people take the time to make personal contact instead of relying on the impersonal electronic communication we have all become accustom to. Till next time….

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