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I think…LOL. Well, we are now into December and this has been a bad, bad, year, but it is getting better. I really believe 2012 is going to be a year of productivity, prosperity and joy. Not sure why, but after having at least 3 bad years in a row with 2011 being the worst, 2012 has got to be good, plus I like even numbers. Kind of like Kelly Clarkson’s new song, What Doesn’t Kill You, which basically says what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger, well I have to agree with that.

So, have you ever wondered what happens to a Pyrex dish when it falls out of a top cabinet and hits the cement floor? Well, it splinters into little glass shards that end up in two different rooms, the dog bowl, and every where else glass can fly to. I have a cabinet over my double ovens that I keep all my baking pans in and it really needs cleaned out, as it was an accident waiting to happen. Earlier today I needed my big pan to make ribs in and had two of my Pyrex pans sitting in the spot where the pan was. I barely turn around and next thing I know these two glass pans are sliding out of the cabinet and onto the floor. It sounded like a bomb was going off. It was unbelievable how loud those pans were when they exploded on the floor. Last time I saw a Pyrex blow up was when I ran cold water in a pan that had just come out of the oven. Not a smart thing to do, which I found out the hard way. By luck I have several Pyrex, so the loss of two isn’t going to causes too much of an issue. Like I said, this really has been a bad year. Till next time….

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