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This week I get to go in and have a procedure called a manipulation under anesthesia, as my leg will not straighten. I used the passive motion machine for the first 3 weeks after surgery, went through 3 weeks of home physical therapy and then a month of outpatient physical therapy that was intensive and now 4 months after the original surgery I am stuck at 20 degrees of extension, which makes it really difficult to stand. Have you ever tried to stand with one leg bent at a stupid angle and the other straight? Believe me, it doesn’t work. I told the doctor that I am going to have to a hip replacement if they don’t do something, as I am having more trouble with the left hip than the knee. Such fun. What is going to be really fun is the physical therapy after the procedure. The day following the procedure I go into intensive, 5 day a week PT, as we have a short window of opportunity to make sure the knee continues to straighten and bend before the scar tissue starts forming again. Apparently, I form scar tissue very fast and that is what is stopping the knee from straightening. I just hope this works, as it is going to be like I am starting all over again with my knee and I am not looking forward to that.

I had someone the other day ask if I would do this again and not sure if I would. I mean some things are better since surgery. Even though the knee does not straighten, I have more stability with the knee than I have had in years. I do not have the grinding, pinching, horrible pain I used to have when I walked. I am not scared to walk through the house as I used to be, as I never knew when my knee would give out and I would be on the floor. My problem is the issue with straightening and the length of healing time, as I have lost more work that planned and the pain has been intense. I guess there are some people who have no issues with this surgery. They are off a walker in 2 weeks, on a cane for a couple of weeks and then off they go with minimal pain and issues, but then there are others of us that have issues and wonder if they made the right decision. Will be sure to post updates on how the procedure works out. Till next time.

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