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Okay, I was sitting at my sewing desk a couple of days ago working on a bunch of dolls I am trying to finish and got to looking at all the surrounding items on my table.  I was wondering if a clean desk is a sign of a sick mind then what did this constitute?  A creative mind, an eclectic mind, a sicker mind??  Hmmm, not really sure, what do you think.

Oh by the way, I am back.  Sorry for the long hiatus, but guess my mind was too full of other junk to ramble on this blog, but one of my resolutions for 2011 is to regularly start posting to this blog, whether it be rambling, something of significance, or whatever, so be sure to come back often and see what I am talking about now.  Believe me, there is a lot wrong in this world right now for my to talk incessantly for a long, long time, so watch out as Michelle Lord is back and writing again.  At least I warned you.

Okay, back to the question, what does my sewing desk full of notions, dolls, animals and general what not show about my mind?  What ideas do you have?  I really would like to know.  I did get 10 of the doll bodies sewn together and cut apart, so did accomplish something.  Oh, thought I would also post a picture of my awards wall, which doesn’t look very impressive, but right now the only place I could figure out to hang my ribbons.  I also posted a picture of my newly reorganized armour of buckets, which you should have seen it before I reorganized it.  Scary huh?  Hope everyone has a prosperous and blessed 2011 and have fun… Till next time…

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