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Okay, I have been buying my bras for years from a company called Jenique that had bought up the rights to all custom fitted bras including Pennyrich and Cameo.  I really was not happy about that, as they cornered the market and became the only place you could find bras for the hard to fit woman.  I mean really, how many stores can you walk into and get a 46J bra?  Believe me, I haven’t found one, but maybe they are out there somewhere.  The man who owned the company for 51 years died this past September and within a week the board of directors sent out letters saying as of October 1st there is no more Jenique  and to stock up because once everything is gone that is it.  I had become a distributor for this company, as buying these bras retail was quite expensive and as a distributor I got a really nice discount, now no more. 

I then decided to go on a quest to find a replacement for my Jenique  bras.  If you follow this blog much you know that me and my girls are tired of ugly bras and cannot understand why they cannot make a nice looking large bra.  I mean really, why should the smaller girls have all the fun?  Haven’t the bra manufacturers heard the saying, “the bigger the better?”  Well, in some instances that is probably not true, have you seen what some women think is acceptable to wear in public, believe me, sometimes bigger just hurts my eyes. 

Okay, back on track here.  I thought I had finally found a store that was my answer…  I mean they have the coolest plus size lingerie I have ever seen.  I mean if they have a costume like this in my size, they must have bras that would fit me.  Guess what…NOT!!  I can get corsets, stocking, costumes, etc., but they don’t have a bra that will even come close to fitting me.  Give me a break.  The shelf bras, which I think are just strange, don’t even work and all they do is cup under the girls and make them stick out.  That could be dangerous in my case.  I could poke someone’s eye out, of course they would have to be rather short for me to do that, but I it is possible. 

I guess I will continue on my quest to find a pretty large bra, as I really do not want to have to figure out how to sew one myself.  The Jenique  bra basically took an engineer to design as it was based on the cantilever bridge theory of using bands that supported the girls from the waist instead of shoulders and back, which kept you from having the straps dig into your skin and having ridiculous pain in your back, but now alas, that option is now gone.  I guess I am still on my quest to find a pretty large bra.   Wish me luck….till next time….


I am back.  I haven’t posted in a while due to family and time commitments, but now I  have found something I really wanted to ramble about.  Okay, I admit it, I did not vote for Obama and he is not on my list of people I like or at this point respect, but this has more to do with what is expected from some one in a certain position/job.  I really do believe we have one of the worst dressed/appearing first ladies in a long, long time.  I mean really, what is she wearing in this picture?  Is this how she represents America?  What happened to the class of a Laura Bush or Jackie Kennedy?  I can’t think of a first lady in recent years who would be caught dead in an outfit like this, let alone be on a trip to represent America.  It is bad enough that the rest of the world is laughing at America.  I mean we used to be the power nation, other countries respected us, now they just make jokes about us.  I am not talking about politics at this point, I am wanting to make a point that when a person is in a certain position or job that they are expected to play the part.  I just saw a list today that Michelle Obama was ranked #1 of the most powerful women in the world.  How they figured this out is beyond me, but knowing that millions of people, mainly women and young girls are looking at her as a role model, I really do think her choices dress wise are really pretty pathetic.  I admit, I don’t dress that great, but I also am not in the public eye making an impression to the world about what the first lady of the USA is trying to portray.  I saw a picture the other day of Michelle Obama coming out of Air Force One in some type of shorts, tennis shoes and a frumpy shirt, let’s get real here.  Who is dressing this woman?  With the amount of staff she has had to hire it seems like someone should have some sort of taste, but apparently not.  I don’t really like Rachel Zoe, but maybe she could make the first lady look presentable.  I honestly do not have a problem that we have a person of color in the White House, I just wish it had been someone with more class.  I have found that over the years you cannot buy class, no matter how much money or power you have.  Till next time…

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