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I was listening to the new song by Eminem and Rihanna earlier today and was thinking about the song by Rihanna from a few months ago and thought what a confusing message she is sending. Her previous song discusses if the guy thinks he is big enough and how she likes it rough. Then there is a lyric about pulling her hair. I mean this relationship sounds very abusive to me. Well, then she now sings a duet with Eminem that is based on domestic abuse where at the end he says he is going to tie her to the bed and set the house on fire. It is the perfect anthem for spousal abuse, as the abuser almost always apologizes afterwards and says they will never do it again, which is almost always a lie. I guess what I find so confusing about this message from Rihanna is that she just last year was the victim of abuse. Her then boyfriend Chris Brown beat the crud out of her and she became the poster child for domestic abuse. She then sings a song about how she likes it rough, but then turns around and sings a duet about the horror and lies of an abuser. I wonder if she realizes what a mixed message she is sending to her fans? There are too many people out there being abused by their partners and the last thing they need is this confusing message that is going out over our airwaves. I have been very lucky in that my hubbie has never hit me, and I have never hit him. I tell my children that love should not hurt physically and never put up with verbal abuse either. There are options and other ways out, even though at the time you may not see them. It just concerns me how these singers/celebs just do whatever and never really look at the big picture of what message they really are sending. Till next time….


I was at the library today and saw the best bumper sticker on the van of a little old lady.  It said,”United States of America…made great by the immigrants who learned to speak English.”  That is so true.  My great grandparents came through Ellis Island from Serbia before the Iron Curtain fell.  They learned the language, became citizens and knew they needed to assimilate to be a vital part of this great country.  I mean really, if you think America is where you want to live, then do what is needed to become a legal, productive citizen.  To me it has never been a race/ethnic issue.  It is a legal issue.  You are either here legally or you are not.  If you are legal or plan on becoming a citizen then learn the language.  What is so difficult.  If I moved to Europe I would have to learn the language of the country I decided to settle in, whether it be German, French or Spanish.  I would learn to assimilate, because that is what you do.  Till next time…

Okay, I got news yesterday that for the third time I was not juried into the Cottonwood Festival in Richardson, Texas.  I didn’t even make the waiting list.  This is one of several shows I have not been juried into this year.  I have made a couple of wait lists, but have not officially been juried into anything yet this year.  What is the deal?  The year before I was juried into everything I entered, but I was sticking with the smaller shows and maybe that was the key.  Problem is, smaller shows do not attract enough people and I make very little in sales, as my work needs a lot of people to catch those who understand it.   Makes me wonder if my dolls are just not an item that is known for “selling,” so the shows go with the more traditional artists?  I as a doll artist understand that dolls are a hard sell.  I attract crowds and always have wonderful comments about how fun they are and that they are eclectic, but when it comes time to make the sale people ask what do they do with them.  I mean really, they are a piece of art that you put on a shelf like pottery or sculpture.  They sure aren’t kid’s toys.  I mean really, I don’t think a lady in lingerie or in her stripper costume is something I would want my kid to be playing with.  Also, they don’t have changeable clothes, so that is another sign that they are a piece of art, not a play toy.  Geez, I guess it is time to focus more on my handbags and accessories.  I guess I am at the point in my life that I never thought I would be at.  I turn 49 the first of next month and I hate my job (well jobs, I am a medical transcriptionist and work seven days a week so I can just pay my bills), have no retirement, and feel stuck.  I am not in the mood to go back to school and if I was I have no idea what I would even study at this point.  I really want to make my business go, but am at a crossroads of what direction to go in.  Do I focus more on the embroidery/screenprinting and just do my fiber art on the side and try to make more of an internet presence?  Do I keep pushing on with my fiber art and keep applying to shows until I figure out what people are really looking for, conforming my art to practical items with some soft sculpture?  This is just too confusing at this point.  I really need a mini trip to the coast to clear my head.  I think Galveston is still in good shape, of which I don’t swim in the ocean anyway, I just love standing next to it looking out at the horizon being in complete awe of God’s work.  Oh well, I have to go run errands, so until next time…

I must admit that before the Twilight Saga I had not read a work of fiction in a long time.  I normally listened to self-help CDs and read nonfiction books on business, hobbies, and other subjects that interested me at the time.  I then by accident ended up seeing Twilight and have been hooked ever since.  After listening to several friends about how I needed to read the books I went to my local library and found Eclipse and Breaking Dawn on CD and caught up with the movies.  By this time I had already seen New Moon, so wanted to know what was going to happen next.  Of course I was riveted through all the many, many CDs, as these are really long books, but it was worth it, as the story took the path I would have gone down.  I guess what I find interesting is while sitting in the theater watching Eclipse yesterday I noticed everything from young girls to people older than me (I am 48).  I have also watched TV, visited internet media sites, and just listened to people while out and about and it is remarkable the diversity of people that have been brought together by the Twilight saga.  I personally feel the draw is the pure romance that exudes from the story.  You have Edward, who is from the period of time where boys courted girls, you were chaperoned, and you wooed the girl, not like today where the first thing a guy normally tries to do is figure out how quick he can get her to bed.  The early 1900s really wasn’t that long ago, but my how life has changed in just that past few decades.  You also have the classic love triangle, albeit you are off in fantasy land with a triangle involving a shape shifter, vampire and human, but even if you did not have that in play, you still have young love, desire and romance that I think most people (well most women) really do look for in their lives.  The man that will woo her and that love that will stand the test of time.  Knowing deep down in your heart that you are with the right one and no matter the battle, hardship and problems, you will do your best to keep the relationship together and move forward in life.  I personally enjoy the series, the romance, even with the teenage awkwardness of Bella, but really the story would not work if you didn’t have that element, as a strong independent teenager probably would never ended up in a relationship like this one.

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