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Okay, I am sitting here listening to a show about plastic surgery and there is this little petite girl wanting to go up to a DD cup size and her surgeon won’t do it.  He said he would replace what she has with a larger projectile style breast.  I thought that was just a strange way to put it.  I mean does that mean they are going to be bulletproof?  I know they are going to be ready to attack on command.  Doesn’t every woman need “girls” that are constantly prepared to attack?  I mean think of the possibilities.  Who would need a to carry a gun when you already had two ready to use weapons on your chest.  Oh my, I think we have hit an all time low on this post.  Blame it on the bad TV and pain killers from my nose surgery earlier this week.  That is a different post though.  I am still confused as to what they did, oh well back to the “girls.”  I just thought most women wanted a more natural looking bust line, not one that looked like the bulletproof projectiles of your 1950s style bras that looked like they could hurt someone if they got too close to them.  I just never thought of a doctor stating that especially when the patient is in her 20s.  I must say though, you definitely noticed her chest now.  Well, I better get back to work, but just had to blog about this situation.  Till next time…


I have not posted about the “girls” in a while, so I figured you are ready for more of my rantings on the subject.  I have been seeing these commercials for Victoria Secret’s new seven-way bra.  You can configure the straps to do just about whatever you want, which I guess is kind of cool.  I mean back in the day when I was only a 38 C I would wear a strapless when I was afraid of my bra showing, so not sure why all the extra hassle, but that was many moons ago.  So, I decided to go up and look at this fancy bra and see what the big deal was.  I was surprised to find it actually fits sizes 30 to 40 and cups A to DD.  I understand if you are a D or DD cup and you want a little more support than you normally get from a strapless, but really if I was an A cup, unless I was trying to enhance what I had, why even wear a bra?  I mean after years of fighting with the shoulder cutting, uncomfortable things, I would run free through the fields braless.  Hmm, that is quite the picture, as I have been in a bra since I was 10 years old and haven’t been able to buy a bra through the normal channels for over 20 years.  Oh, I guess I better get back on the right track here.  I guess I just don’t understand the need for the seven-way bra.  I know back when I wore halters and such I either wore a strapless or you could find some halter tops that had built in bras, just like swimsuits, as I have never left the house in my 38 years of wearing a bra without one on.  I have always been very self-conscious about the “girls” so tried not to draw too much attention to the subject.  But, what I have found is I really think the whole bra industry as a whole is prejudice against us big girls.  Victoria Secret whose rep is built on sex doesn’t even carry a bra bigger than 40 DD.  Platex has these commercials for their 18 hour bras and talk about how they meet the needs of the bigger girls and even have bras that breath, but they have one style that has a cup bigger than a E.  It is their basic style and it actually comes in a G, which doesn’t do me much good, but I guess they are proud of their diversity – not!!  I know there are a lot of women out there who do not fit in the normal sizes and would like a better alternative that doesn’t look like an old 50’s style bullet bra or just a plain utilitarian style.  I know there are a couple of companies out there that are trying, but I wish more would get the hint.  Well, I will quit complaining about my issue with brassieres and until next time….

I have been watching the TV show Hoarders and something one of the people said hit home with me. They stated that they never meant for their house to become the mess it had, they just became overwhelmed. Must say I am there now. Between two jobs, starting a small business, etc. The house just gets a life of its own and before I know it the house is such a mess I am embarrassed to let anyone in. I admit I am not the greatest housekeeper plus I have four little house dogs who forget to use the wee wee pads and think trash is the greatest toy ever. Hmm, I think it might be a losing battle. Wish I could afford once a week house cleaning. Maybe someday soon. Till next time…

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