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Have you ever been in a place in your life where you literally feel like you are drowning?  I am at that point.  I am working two jobs, trying to get my small business going, plus have all the normal daily duties and I feel like I am about to drown.  Not a fun feeling.  I wish I had a motor home that I could hope into and just go on the road for a while.  I can work anywhere as far as my job goes, as long as I have internet.  Be hard to take my embroidery machine and stuff, but it is possible.  The first problem is I do not have a motor home, small problem right?  Second off, I right now don’t have the finances to support the home and road expenses.  I guess I could will it into existence.  You know, like in The Secret, cut out a picture of a motor home and stare at it daily.  Speak it into existence and then one day it would pop up in my driveway.  Weirder things have happened.  There is just so much in the United States my hubbie and I have not seen and you could take a year and probably just touch the surface.  I don’t want to get rid of my home base , as I like knowing there is a home to come back to, but seems like we are getting older and if we are going to do it we need to be making plans and soon.  I guess it is hard to give up the known for the unknown, but I guess there are times when you need to make a change or regret never taking the chance.  Right now, I just need someone to throw me a life preserver…  Til next time…


I have been a bit distracted this past couple of weeks, so that is why the hiatus from posting.  I had the bright idea to finally finish this copywriting course that I have had now for almost four years.  I kept thinking that I had to do something to make some money.  I do not like my day (well more of a night/24/7 all the time) job and I could not see how I could make money with my art.  So, I started a study group of other people who have not been able to finish this course either, mainly due to life getting in the way.  Well, last week I was sitting in the sewing room working on an embroidery order I had and had one of those moments.  I was sitting there thinking I could spend all my time in this room and be so happy.  At that moment I realized that the reason I have never finished the writing course is the fact that it is not my passion.  I could not push myself to spend the time needed to finish, as I would rather be in my sewing room.  I have since decided to come up with a plan to make my embroidery business/fiber art work.  We went today and ordered screenprinting equipment so we can expand back into printing, which we did for several years back in the early 1980s to mid 1990s.  I am also working on a marketing plan and decided that if I want to spend my time in the sewing room, then I better work on a plan to be able to do that and still pay the bills.  I know I still have a couple of books in me, but that is for another post, but right now I need to focus on where my passion is and as they say the money will follow, so we shall see!  Till next time….

I am not talking about girls who are overweight.  I am talking about extremely well-endowed girls like myself.   I am both heavy and well endowed,  so I know what I am talking about.  The other night I saw a commercial about these new 18-hour bras that actually breath.  They were actually kind of cute for a larger bra, but the problem is I wear a 48 I, yes bras come that size and even larger, and I have about four styles to choose from and none of them are that great looking.  Some of the bras you can get in this size are absolutely ugly bullet style from the 1950s.  I can’t buy anything at Victoria’s Secret and some of that underwear is just plain cute.  I know it would take a lot more material, but just charge more, which I already have to pay ridiculously high prices for custom fit ugly bras, so I would not have a problem with paying a little more for something that was actually nice.  Oh well, maybe someday some lingerie manufacturer will hear my cries, but until then I am stuck with wearing my bullet proof over the shoulder boulder holders, which is better than nothing I guess.  Till next time…

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