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Okay, what do bras and bullets have to do with each other, well it depends on the bra. I am a big girl and even many moons ago when I was thin I have always been well endowed as they say. I remember being about 11 when I finally convinced my mom it was time I got a bra. Guys were looking at me funny and it was time. I remember the first words out of the sales lady’s mouth was “aren’t we busty?” I jumped straight past trainer to a B cup. I now have to wear custom fitted/ordered bras as the girls have become quite large. So you are probably asking what does this have to do with bullets. Well, the other day I ordered a bra on closeout. It finally arrived and it is what they called a bullet bra. It makes the girls look like torpedos. I could probably poke someone’s eyes out with this bra. Well I might be exaggerating a bit, but goodness they do stick out. If it wasn’t so comfortable I would put it up in the closet. Maybe I will be able to avoid hurting someone when I wear it. Till next time.


To see a movie or not, that is the question. Sitting at Dennys getting ready to eat breakfast at 2pm, what can I say, my schedule is nuts. Trying to get motivated to figure out my reverse goals for 2010. Well, here is my food. Till next time.

Thought I would see how this Blackberry app worked, as most of my best thoughts are while I am out and about. With the first of the year looming I am taking time to evaluate my life and am more confused than ever. Do I go back to school, do I really want to go to school, what am I going to do so I won’t have to be a greeter at wal-mart…who knows. Will keep you aprised of my journey. Till next time….

I decided I wanted a place to just post my random thoughts and ramblings, so thought what the heck, I am going to get me a blog.  I will be posting on a somewhat regular basis, but you will never know what I will be spouting off about next time.  Till next time…

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